which anti-virus?

  JaneAtt 13:20 05 Feb 2005

I am a bit confused about anti virus stuff?

I am getting a message from Symantec saying my anti virus check is about to expire ... but I thought I had Norton 2003????

It asks me if I want to update. Should I? If not where do I get the anti virus stuff from? Over the internet or from a shop?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:24 05 Feb 2005

Norton is now owned by Symantec and hasn't been the same since.

Free Anti Virus :-
Avast4 click here
Antivir click here
AVG antivirus click here
Microworld click here

I use Avast, fit and forget it updates automatically.

  citadel 13:36 05 Feb 2005

as you already have norton it is easier to just get the 2005 version. when you put the new disc in the drive it will say it has detected a older version and delete it and install the new version all in one go. you can get 2005 at pcworld.

  HappySoul 14:18 05 Feb 2005

If you want to pay, go for Norton's if you want a FREE programme which is every bit as good, if not better, then click here

  stalion 14:24 05 Feb 2005

have used this for the last 7 months it blocks viruses and trojans good product also updates every day
click here

  palinka 19:53 05 Feb 2005

Don't like to disagree with Fruit Bat who knows a lot more about these things than I do, but I've found a lot of friends who had viruses, etc. because they believed their AV would update "automatically".
It depends on your usage of your pc. Maybe Avast is different in this respect (in which case humble grovellings) but it is not a good idea to assume that an AV will update automatically unless you are on line long enough & regularly enough for it to do that. Many of my friends use dial-up connections, go on line once in 3 days, maybe, for just long enough to get their emails, & then disconnect. As a result the update is not done unless they do it "manually".

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:02 05 Feb 2005

Agree with your point

Avast can be set to autoupdate at a given time, if not online then it will update as soon as you next go online a popup and synthetic vioce tell you it has updated.

Avast has a screen saver option that will do a scan when the screen saver comes on, so there is no need to even remember to do a scan

  SB23 20:03 05 Feb 2005

I've just switched from Nis2003 that was kept updated,to McAfee Internet Security Suite 2005,yes,I know I had to buy it,but it does exactly what it says on the box,well worth it!

  twicetwit 20:12 05 Feb 2005

if i used AVAST, would i need to turn off the Microsoft FIREWALL, or do i leave it on in conjunction with avast?????

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:13 05 Feb 2005

Avast is antivirus not a firewall leave your firewall switch on but allow avast to acess the web

  Belatucadrus 20:19 05 Feb 2005

avast quote on their update regime:-

"The presence of a new version on our servers is checked when the Internet connection is established, and every four hours afterwards".
click here

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