which amd cpu is the better/faster 1 of the 2 ?

  User-BABCD513-7461-4E6C-B17F4449E7087567 23:56 09 Jan 2004

i'm looking into buying a new cpu but i can't make my mind up on which one to buy i'm looking ay the amd 2500xp or the amd 2600xp so i was just wondering which one is better/faster



  Trackrat 00:02 10 Jan 2004

Take a look at this click here

  ericmax 00:04 10 Jan 2004

The 2500 has a slower clock speed but it has more
cache so it should perform a little better than the

  hugh-265156 00:05 10 Jan 2004

2500xp is equal to 2.5P4

2600xp is equal to 2.6P4 and is faster

click here for actual speeds

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 02:53 10 Jan 2004

Cant see there bieng much difference you would notice.


  Gaz 25 03:01 10 Jan 2004

Go for the cheapest, no difference really.

  ericmax 12:08 10 Jan 2004

Go for the 2500 the larger onboard cache makes it work a little faster.

  ericmax 12:09 10 Jan 2004

Go for the 2500 the larger onboard cache makes it work a little faster.

  Rayuk 16:02 10 Jan 2004

If the 2500+ is the Barton core and the 2600+ a Thoroughbred.then this is the best option,if the 2600+ is also a Barton your bank balance would be the deciding factor.

Most were buying the 2500+ Barton also for its overclocking ability but I believe the latest ones are now multiplier locked.

There is definately a 2600+ Barton now out.

  ericmax 00:13 11 Jan 2004

You are right Rayuk i forgot there was a 2600 with a barton core,this would give it a slight edge.

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