Which ADSL ISP for BB ?????

  Tim1964 01:15 14 Aug 2005

I'm currently on NTL 2Mb service but will be moving to a non NTL enabled address.
The choice at the time (2+ yrs ago) to go with NTL was a no-brainer. No set up fee, no equipment costs and speeds increased from 600k to 750k to 2Mb (10Mb next year) all for no extra.

I've been looking at the dozens of ISPs on the click here site for days now and I'm getting more and more confused.
Most ISPs quote a "2Mb for £10/month" sort of offer but when I follow it through, it's UP TO 2Mb, £X/month for the first few months then increased up to what I'm paying now, plus an 'activation charge', plus the cost of the modem, plus the microfilters (some at £10 ea).

I've never been NTLs biggest fan, but comparing 10Mb at £24.99 to 'maybe' 2Mb for the same, after spending around £50 to get it setup in the first place, seems a pretty raw deal.

  Completealias 02:52 14 Aug 2005

I'm with tiscali and just upgraded my account to a 2Mb connection with a 15gig cap for 17.99 a month there was no setup fee but there is a 12month contract. I went for the 512 service to start with.

So far the service seems good I had it drop the connection on me now and again but I'm getting the jist that this is quite normal with USB modems but apart from that it all seems fine.

  Tim1964 23:28 14 Aug 2005

There does seem to be a 'Big 5' of non cable ISPs, Wanadoo, Tiscali, BT, F2S + Pipex, so I will probably go with one of these well known ones. Still, the pricing and actual speeds seem a little vague.....

  joethebow 23:45 14 Aug 2005

Much as I hate to advertise them. AOL have no download limits as most have and no auto log off after 2 hours as some have.

I moved to AOL at Christmas when BT announced the transfer limits. So far, apart from some minor glitches I've been very pleased with the service and the help. Their helpline is now at national rates, I belive.

Don't forget if a service says 10Gb Transfer limits this means both ways. So if you download 8Gb and upload 2 you've reached the limit for the month.

I've checked most other ISP's available in my area and AOL is the only one without transfer limits I've found.

  Taff36 23:46 14 Aug 2005
  joethebow 23:46 14 Aug 2005

Oh yes, I nearly forgot, and no setup charges and free modem.

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