Which of 7 Betas to install?

  Muergo 14:26 31 Jul 2011

My Hippo filechecker has thrown up 7 betas, Adobe Air Flash(2) Thunderbird,Silverlink, Firefox6,& 7Zip, has anybody tried any one of them, do addons work with FF6/

  sunnystaines 15:04 31 Jul 2011


leave adobe betas alone, when the final version comes out it's often messed up with the left overs from the beta.

firefox betas are not as bug free as they used to be i have stopped using ff betas.

cannot comment on others

  Muergo 15:38 31 Jul 2011

Thanks ss, I was thinking of putting in the FF6 to try to solve my graphics problem (on another thread) but will leave it alone for the time being although when I used Beta FF5 it did cure the crashing, now FF5 still does crash infrequently but resets so fast I scarcely know it's happened.

I put this thread up as there are so many beta's around,perhaps instead of upgrades.

  Woolwell 19:42 31 Jul 2011

I would be very surprised if FF6 solved your problem.

If you have a system which is not critical whether it works well or not then install beta programs. Otherwise avoid them as there may be bugs.

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