Which 17" dvi tft

  hatrickj 16:36 19 May 2004

Has anyone particular views on the various manufactures of 17" tft,preferablt with dvi that retail @£350 or less inc vat? Are there any to be recoomended as good value or to be avoided like the plague/ The computer manufacturer I am thinking of going with uses the Philips 107B5CS which after making allowance for the reduction for no mnitor and the add on price for the tft would make it come out at around £330 inc.

  sicknote 17:37 19 May 2004

have the LG 1710B which includes DVI,it comes with 3yrs warranty and got good reviews from most PC mags and has not let me dowm yet.Cost around £300 from here click here=(6106)&shop=PCWBD&userid= you may find it cheaper elsewhere if look around

  sicknote 17:38 19 May 2004

Sorry previous link not correct click here

  sicknote 17:39 19 May 2004

click here=(6106)&shop=PCWBD&userid= I think i got it right this time

  Djohn 17:41 19 May 2004

Got me going round in circles there sicknote! ;o)

  sicknote 17:44 19 May 2004

Sorry Djohn Can't get it right today been out in the sun to long, So go to last click here and then paste the last bit to it =(6106)&shop=PCWBD&userid=

  Djohn 17:53 19 May 2004

Yep! works fine. Some of those long addresses can be tricky. Don't know if you are aware of this site, it converts your long link into a short one and works great. click here You just copy/paste the long address into the window of this site and it comes back with a short version that you then copy/paste and post in the forum.

Sorry if you are already aware of it. j.

  hatrickj 17:59 19 May 2004

Thanks but the last suggestion brought up you have reached an expired page. Nonetheless I found your suggestion. There seems to be some confusion as spec seems to show it as analogue; from other sources I thought it was dvi. One point I have found whilst browsing is that some supply sources are not very communicative as to specs and sometimes they're confused. Or perhaps it's me and the effect of sun and anno domini.

  g0nvs 19:19 19 May 2004

LG 1710B does everything you require, also a superb monitor.

  g0nvs 19:19 19 May 2004

LG 1710B does everything you require, also a superb monitor.

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