Whew! thank goodness for regular backups

  Steven135 11:59 22 Sep 2003

Just thought I'd post to encourage a regular backup routine though I realise this has been said many times before.

My computer has been ticking along nicely no problems for ages. Then I installed an updated driver for my Modular Tech DAB card all seemed well for a couple of days them out of the blue the computer failed to boot, wouldn't go into safe mode etc.

I have recently bought Norton Ghost, when I got it I created an image on my second HD and forgot all about it until this morning in twenty minutes all was back up and running fine.

Thanks to the advice on this forum I also keep daily backups of work.

Don't get caught make backing up a daily routine is the moral of my morning.

  justme 12:34 22 Sep 2003

I too recently had the problem of my main computer not even starting windows. The very useful restore points on my xp system were useless as I could not start windows to get to them.

However, I back up all my data daily and had copies on cd and another computer, so all I had to do was reinstall windows and copy back my data.

It is sad to say that people only learn to backup their data regularly once they have lost some. Most computer owners who do not back up their data will say it takes too much time. I would reply that it takes even longer to re-enter the data and that often this is not possible as there are no hard copies of the data.

Regular backups of data can usually be automated so that all the user has to do is press a button or click on an icon. Yes they will have to wait while their data is backed up, but unless they are generating loads of data every day it should not take long. Only the data needs to be backed up regularly as you can always reinstall the programs from the original disks if that is necessary.

Steven135, you're so right, and it doesn't have to be a chore if it's automated.

There's a lot of good advice here from Fred Langa
click here(1).htm

Let's try that again

click here(1).htm

  choffe 12:54 22 Sep 2003

pay hommeage to the disk restore programs.. many a system saved from other window launche's ie. being thrown out of one..

  spikeychris 12:59 22 Sep 2003

I'll have a bash.. click here(1).htm

  spikeychris 13:01 22 Sep 2003

Thanks spikeychris, just had a look at the tinyurl site to see how you did that, very interesting.

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