Whether to upgrade RAM on 2.0 P4?

  gawninho 16:01 20 Dec 2005

Whether to upgrade RAM on 2.0 P4

Ok I have a Dell Dimension 4500S, just over 3 years old, which consists of:
2.0 P4
256MB DDR RAM – upgradeable to 1Gb (1 free slot)
40Gb IDE Hard Drive

Its been having a hard time recently having connected to a wireless network and dealing with internet & anti-virus software (is AVG particularly power-consuming?). I normally use this computer for Browsing/email etc., Messenger, playing music and downloading tunes, and usually playing the old Football Manager 2006 (min-recommended spec: 0.8-2.0 GHz, 128-256MB RAM). All of these often simultaneously if possible, which it cant manage anymore. I don’t do anything graphics intensive, but I’m also very low on disk space.

So my question is: is it worth upgrading the RAM and adding an extra hard drive (if poss) or will the benefit be lost on the 2.0 P4?

If I have to buy new I will, but I found this 256K RAM at 23.49 click here
…which I thought was nice.

Any thoughts?
Thank you

  woodchip 16:17 20 Dec 2005

I use Avast that's better to use on Ram, I do Video Editing on a Celeron 2.6Gb with only 256 ram no problems with any Video software including Pinnacle 9.4 and others. But I do have a 80Gb drive in it as well as External USB2 drive I made up my self with a External Caddy and a Seagate 200Gb Barracuda

  sharkfin 16:27 20 Dec 2005

A pentioum 4 2Ghz processor is a fairly fast one, and will still be fast enough for today and the future. Upgrading the RAM wont be wasted and I would go for the maximum amount of ram you can afford.

I'm running a 2.5 pentium 4 and i upgraded the ram from 512 to 1gig in september and my computer will handle anything i throw at it. apart from games that it! lol.

  De Marcus™ 16:31 20 Dec 2005

Whilst a ram upgrade is what I would also go for, I would also point out that if the machine has previously performed well with it's current specs, then a general clean up would be the order of the day. You can use ccleaner from click here to clean out temp files and scrub the registry. If your hard drive is fairly full, get rid of some of the lesser used files to dvd/cd or spare hd. Then go out and buy your memory, 512mb minimum for xp to cope well with most modern applications.

  gawninho 17:00 20 Dec 2005

Thanks for the help. I defragmented recently but I'll take your advice. I think I'll buy 512Mb extra RAM to take it up to 768Mb and a hard drive of 40-80 Gb to add to my current 40Gb.


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