Whether to bin the computer?

  Mechtal01 19:46 30 Jun 2008

Hello everyone-what do you think to this: PC 6-7 years old approx, had one hard drive failure, replaced, and then an XP reinstall 4-5 years ago aftter it went wrong. Now Windows failed again and unable to reinstall myself, been reinstalled by local computer repair shop. Now Windows very slow to boot, some data missing, MS Office tells me the document is in use by me and asks me if I want to make a copy each time a document is opened; Internet Explorer keeps freezing.
The 50GB hard isk is about 90% full.
What to do? Struggle on and possibly spend more money, or by a new machine? Does this situation sound recoverable?
Thanks for feedback in anticipation!

  wis 19:58 30 Jun 2008

i think you have answerd the question your self
90 full ,ram size, xp have you got xp3 might push
you over the edge, can you clean your system
get rid anything you dont use, but realy you
must up grade

  MAT ALAN 19:59 30 Jun 2008

Time to bite the bullet my friend, if you explain what you normally do on your PC, and a budget, i am sure we can advise on a purchase for you...

  polymath 20:14 30 Jun 2008

Store it for another 15 years, and some researcher might save it from landfill! I recently found a home for my 1987 AT (used till 2000); someone around the British Library who wants to read obsolete media.....

  wis 20:30 30 Jun 2008

go to speakers corner ?

  csqwared 20:48 30 Jun 2008

Why, exactly, have you sent the machine for a re-install? Have you done anything yourself to try and retrieve some of the space on your hard drive? De-frag, unused file delete etc. etc. You don't give much detail about your machine but I would have thought, these days, that a 50Gb HD is very much on the small side. Personally I would be inclined to spend £30 on a new ( 160Gb ) HD rather than two or three hundred on a new PC. This would enable you to utilise the other one as a slave for file storage which I'm sure would solve your problem as described. You would of course have to re-install everything again which, honestly, really is a task you could carry out yourself it's just time consuming.


  wis 21:15 30 Jun 2008

as i said prev plobably 512, as matt alan go new

  csqwared 21:32 30 Jun 2008

What's wrong with 512mb ram. My system (XP Pro) has that amount of memory and runs Photoshop (not CS - the full blown version), Office 2007, MS Money, Autoroute and a few other bits and pieces, quite happily. Whilst I would agree that the more memory you have the better, it's not an absolute essential and even if more memory were needed to get Mechtal01's kit running properly it's still only a few quid compared to hundreds.


  wis 21:38 30 Jun 2008

cc take your point, have you got xp3, from start
how long to log on

  csqwared 21:49 30 Jun 2008

No, in view of some of the comments on here regarding that download I haven't bothered - don't think I'm missing anything as I've installed all the previous updates. Don't quite understand your last question - log on to what?

  wis 21:59 30 Jun 2008

sorry , xp3 plus op system pretty big my point
was if 512 ram might be a bit slow , which was
the origanaters question,but still would like
to know ,from power up how long to password/logon

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