Wherever TV

  geedad 09:40 03 Oct 2008

Anyone had any experience with a product called "The WhereverTV Receiver"?
Claims: Watch hundreds of live international tv channels on any TV without a PC.
Retails at $199.
Needs a broadband connection.
Size 5"x5"x1".
6 ounces.
includes Remote,cables, batteries and manual.
Have a look at the site click here

  Stuartli 09:54 03 Oct 2008

Presumably similar to this well known product:

click here

  birdface 10:08 03 Oct 2008

Looks like you can get most of those programs on your computer free.Whether or not you would get a better picture on your TV I am not sure.You have to be connected to broadband and have a Router to get connected to the TV.Better waiting until you know someone that has got one and can recommend it.

  geedad 13:15 03 Oct 2008

Thank you both for your inputs. Good advice , as usual!

  WhereverTV 17:29 03 Oct 2008

Hello. This is WhereverTV. To answer the questions/claims raised in this post.

1. Yes. Most of the programs are free and available on the PC. However, unless you want to connect your PC to your TV and manually change channels or simply watch long-form TV content on a PC by yourself (the reason this device was created in the first place is because our CEO grew tired of watching 3-4 hour football games on a PC)- it is a completely different viewing & user experience. We are also in process of adding paid/premium channels (also available via the Internet).

2. Resolution of channels is dependent on two factors: a) the broadcast resolution of the channel itself (most are 480 x 360 or lower) and b) the screen resolution of your TV. On a 640 x 480 TV screen (older TVs) most channels are definitely viewable - but are not TV quality. For newer sets 720 or 1080i/p - the resolution is not as good as it is on older TV sets. However, many channels from Western Europe(i.e. Germany, France, Italy) are starting to increase their broadcast resolution - which will only continue to improve as more people watch these streams - so this problem will be self-correcting over time. For paid content, you will have near TV quality on all size TVs.

If you have any additional questions, or would like to learn more, please contact us directly:

click here

  tullie 19:26 03 Oct 2008

Cant see many channels there that i would be interested in to be honest

  WhereverTV 19:31 03 Oct 2008


While I can appreciate there aren't alot of channels in there for you, there are channels people do want to watch - on their TV.

We also have full YouTube integration and the ability for users to add private channels into their tv guide as well. We are also in the process of adding recording and network file sharing capabilities to our next firmware release.

So, the device does do more than what you might see at first glance - i.e. play channels you are not very interested in.

  woodchip 21:48 03 Oct 2008

Its hardly a WhereverTV service, as you are locked to BB

  WhereverTV 23:03 03 Oct 2008

Woodchip. You are correct. Wherever you have broadband, you can use the service.

  Stuartli 00:11 04 Oct 2008

>>because our CEO grew tired of watching 3-4 hour football games on a PC>>

Every football game I've ever watched over the past 55 years has lasted 90 minutes, plus a few minutes' extra time and the 10-15 minutes half-time break.....

  WhereverTV 00:21 04 Oct 2008


Sorry about the miscommunication. We are based in the USA and our CEO lived in Shanghai. He was attempting to watch American Football, not what we call "soccer".

While it's only a 60 minute game - with commericals, halftime, and other timeouts, the typical game lasts around 3 hours. Add in an overtime and it can get close to 4.

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