Where's the unwanted emails?

  geedad 22:06 21 Aug 2005

For about two weeks now, I have had the pleasure of no unwanted emails. You know the ones I am referring to, mainly those that clog up our speeds and waste our time and are nothing more than rubbish.
So where have they gone?
I use AVG and Zone Alarm with SpyBot, so are these programs collecting the bad stuff and deleting it without me knowing?
What a treat!

  GaT7 23:46 21 Aug 2005

I can't say what has done it for you geedad, but can offer you a program if the problem returns.

It's called MailWasher (one of my favourites). I use it to check my email & delete the ones I don't want directly off the server, before I get OE to download the ones I do. It has a 'Preview' option that let's you read messages in plain text.

click here to read more & download the free version (one email account only).

If you have multiple email accounts click here to download the last free multi-account version. If you install it & require help with the settings just ask. G

PS - Some ISPs (like Tiscali) allow you to block messages from the specific email addresses. Check to see if your ISP/email provider gives you this facility. However, this cannot stop some spammers, who use below-the-belt methods, to send you their scum : (

  p;3 00:19 22 Aug 2005

no unwanted mails seems fine; but, as someone I was speeking to yesterday has pointed out, his seems to being blocked by his protection programs, denying him the chance to even check them; as stated above, mailwasher is good for checking on server; I use it,and find it invaluable;preview the rubbish and chuck from server; makes sure you miss nothing you need, and does not rely on a program to TELL you which mails IT will not let you even see :))

  geedad 08:21 22 Aug 2005

Crossbow7 and p;3
Very many thanks to you both for the very useful info.
All excellent advice and suggestions, I will follow.

  Rogerfredo 08:28 22 Aug 2005

geedad. I too have been inundated with unwanted emails for years, but these have mysteriously stopped over the last 2 weeks.
I used to get about 40 per day, and when I returned from holiday had 300+ to sort out, but things have suddenly got better.
I use AVG and Zonealarm and mailwasher.
I am on NTL broadband and wonder if they have done something?

  Alan H E 19:14 22 Aug 2005

Look on NTL homepage - they are blocking obvious spammers now.

  Alan H E 19:15 22 Aug 2005

Look on NTL homepage - they are blocking obvious spammers now.

  Alan H E 19:23 22 Aug 2005


  geedad 21:13 22 Aug 2005

OzzyoS and Alan H E
I AM with NTL - perhaps they have done something, and I will have a look. That must be the answer.
Thanks all

  geedad 21:31 22 Aug 2005

Just loked it up on the NTL Website. I had better read it in future!!
See below, and the rest of the story at NTL.-----------------------------------------------

Spam & Email Viruses
Spam is unsolicited junk email. It is not only annoying, but can be offensive, very often carries viruses that can damage your computer, and almost always involves some kind of fraud.

The people who generate spam (spammers) do their best to make spam look like legitimate email, which makes it difficult for ntl to block all spam without inadvertently blocking email legitimately addressed to you.

However ntl has installed state-of-the-art technology to protect you from spam by filtering as much suspected spam as possible out of your ntlworld email by default. You can find out more information about other spam filtering options here. These settings will apply even if you collect your email via Outlook Express or any other email program.


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