where's my 'safely remove hardware'?

  mco 17:13 12 Jul 2006

I've got a new laptop - on my old one there was a little icon bottom right to 'safely remove hardware' before I pulled out any usb connected item. I can't find it on my new laptop - and I'm pulling out without safely disconnecting! Anyone tell me where to find it, please?

  ade.h 17:56 12 Jul 2006

Is there a circular arrow icon next to your Notification Area? If so, click it. If your missing icon mgically appears, right-click an empty part of the NA and choose to customise your notifications (or turn off the feature altogether if you have enough taskbar space).

  ade.h 17:57 12 Jul 2006

There is some debate as to whether it is really necessary anyway.

  namtas 18:01 12 Jul 2006

Your old PC was on an earlier version of Windows. Your new Laptop on Windows XP does not work the same way. You can just disconnect as you are doing, I just make sure that no up or downloads are running when I disconnect

  ade.h 18:07 12 Jul 2006

That doesn't explain its absence though; it should be visible or at least hidden whenever removable hardware is present.

  mco 18:22 12 Jul 2006

I did the customise notifications (re second point) namtas and adeh, that's what I always used to do with no adverse effect, until I was told invariably to 'safely remove hardware'!

  VoG II 18:23 12 Jul 2006
  Woolwell 18:27 12 Jul 2006

Right click on the toolbar - select properties - click on customise on the toolbars tab - Look for Safely Remove Hardware - there are 3 options always hide, hide when inactive and always show. Select one of the last two
If Safely Remove Hardware isn't there - then I could be stuck!

  Woolwell 18:28 12 Jul 2006

Beaten by VOG

  ade.h 18:33 12 Jul 2006

I thought I'd covered that with my advice to check the customised notifications... ;-)

  namtas 19:52 12 Jul 2006

Please ignore my earlier answer completely, I made a wrong asumption, and now I also have a active Safety
remove indicator. Thanks all. not meaning to hijack this thread, apols to mco.

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