Wheres my RAM gone

  Wolfenstein 09:57 06 May 2011

I got a computer a couple of month back which had 4gb of RAM but was only running at 3.5gb as it had an on board graphics card so this was taking some of that power up but no external card.

I went out and bought an external 1gb graphics card, but however the computer is still running at 3.5gb and not 4gb, can anyone tell me why or advise me on how to get my missing 500mb back? I was advised to turn off the aperture through BIOS but i can't find the menu anyway unless its renamed as something else.


  wee eddie 10:15 06 May 2011

You did not say what OS your System was running but can we assume that it's Windows XP which only recognises 3.GB

  woodchip 10:20 06 May 2011

Check your BIOS if its onboard Graphics you can adjust what Ram it uses in there

  cream. 10:21 06 May 2011

The cache on your hard drive/ drives and the cache on your cpu is counted as memory. The max a 32bit windows system can use is 4Gb. So that memory is deductible from the 4Gb.


  woodchip 10:51 06 May 2011

You have two kinds of Ram, Physical and virtual CPU ram as nothing to do with this its a cash files that works only with the CPU and when you are opening Programs etc so that the CPU works faster. The Ram you are referring to Is Physical Ram as you say and can be a Graphic card using it, or Depending on what Operating System you use may not see it all

  Wolfenstein 10:53 06 May 2011

Thanks for the output guys, i use windows 7 so i'm guessing that would use a fair whack of RAM, so it sounds like its natural then as in nothing to worry about and its the norm?

  woodchip 10:59 06 May 2011

Windows 7 should see all 4Gig of Ram, as I said check BIOS for if Graphics is using the Ram as you can remove or cut it down

  woodchip 11:01 06 May 2011

PS to get to BIOS when starting PC keep tapping Del key but it could be one of the F keys F1 or F2 my HP Laptop is F10 for BIOS

  Wolfenstein 11:05 06 May 2011

It is yeah its the F2 key i will give that ago and see what i can find in the BIOS i didn't come across something about RAM then it said about auto, 16mb, then went up to 256mb so wasn't sure if that was anything to do with it.

  Wolfenstein 11:06 06 May 2011

did come across sorry

  woodchip 11:07 06 May 2011

If you change it do not forget to save before exit, Directions on how to use BIOS normally bottom right corner of screen

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