Where's me posting gone?

  AngeTheHippy 13:34 11 Apr 2003

Started this morning, had 2 e-mail alerts....
' InCrediMail. WHAT HAVE I DONE? ' but in ain't there...


  crx16 13:55 11 Apr 2003

'my postings' or 'search' may of found this click here

  -pops- 14:03 11 Apr 2003

The thread you refer to in turn refers to a thread of yours yesterday which, although its intention was good, became hijacked by someone seemingly misunderstanding one of the responses. It turned into a totally unjustified, insulting, slanging match and, quite rightly, was closed by PCA.

Your thread this morning does or did little except promote interest in that stopped thread which I'm sure is not what PCA want of this forum.

I expect this thread to go the same way, especially as it now contains a further reference to the original thread.


  GroupFC 14:31 11 Apr 2003

It's still there!!

But having read it, imho it should not be!! (I realise Ange that the deterioration of the thread was not of your doing!!).

  MartinT-B 14:31 11 Apr 2003

I took exception to the way someone responded to your original question and said so, and, to be honest, I'd do it again. I thought his 'answer' flawed and irrelevant.

I use Incredimail, and notice no real difference between that and OE6, but I am on BB at home and ISDN at work.

Obviously, if you choose to overload your email with lots of 'bells and whistles' it will take longer to send.

I just generally change the Background and add an animation for personal mails to friends.

So, to answer your original question, it depends on how much animation you add to your mail and what your connection speed is.

Personally, I love Incredimail.

  AngeTheHippy 14:56 11 Apr 2003

F.E.? Please close this thread now!

On a lighter note, the Laptop I ordered on Tuesday, may well (if I'm VERY lucky...) be here next Thursday!!!


  Brian-336451 14:58 11 Apr 2003

If you like it its good enough!

I must admit I turn it all off usually, BUT I'm just experimenting with 'notebook' in my email.

Must be going soft in my old age!

A Wife is for Life - Not just for a Christmas Party!

  -pops- 15:20 11 Apr 2003

Everyone is entitled to an opinion. The correspondent yesterday was expressing his - he said so right at the start. Your reaction to that was totally over the top and your further comments regarding dinosaurs etc were insulting and completely unjustified.

When you've made as many useful contributions here as the person to whom you take exception, perhaps then you will be able to criticise. Until then, relax and think before you chick on the Post response button.


  MartinT-B 15:49 11 Apr 2003

Emailed my resposnse to you

  Mango Grummit 17:33 11 Apr 2003

See my e-mail to you.

You are not alone with your thinking. As someone who has gone from here due to too much talking down and preaching unasked advice to people once said .. "it's not often only one person thinks something."


Martin Grummit

  leo49 18:44 11 Apr 2003

The original thread makes highly entertaining reading - quite an exhibition - it's amazing how all the 'high horses' squeeze into this Forum.


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