Where's the hard Drive on an Advent 7026?

  s99Raj 15:54 25 Mar 2005

Does anyone know exactly where the hard drive is on an Advent 7026? I want to remove it. I thought it was going to be straightforward, and it probably is.

I've turned it upside down and unscrewed every screw I can see and slid every button I can see (to remove the battery and DVD drive(, but I still can't see the hard drive. It's probably right in front of me, but where??

Any help much appreciated. Thanks.

  Jak_1 16:14 25 Mar 2005

Having not opened my Advent yet (Still has 3 months waranty to run and is working fine) I can't say for sure, but surely it can't be that difficult to locate! Simply follow the ide cable. You don't say why but I assume it's either to relace or slave a new drive.

  s99Raj 16:19 25 Mar 2005

"surely it can't be that difficult to locate!"

Precisely what I think!! But I can't see it! Am I going mad?!? I've opened up laptops before and there it is! But this one is driving me bonkers.

I want to do it because I want to attach it to a PC as a slave to get some files off it. At the moment it sticks on the "Windows is starting.." page. I've even done a non-destructive restore using the CD that came with it which should install Windows but leave all the user settings and folders alone. When I've got those off I'll try a complete restore.

  Jak_1 16:24 25 Mar 2005

Hm! I would have thought that it would easy to be able to trace it from the motherboard! However a lot depends upon how much you want to transfer!

I would sugest networking the two and do the transfer that way if it is a large anound.

  ensonricky 16:26 25 Mar 2005

The hard drive is at the front on the bottom of the base at the far right hand side. There are two screws to remove and a finger grip to slide the cover off that includes on of the supports.
Once open there is a third screw to remove. The case can then be slid out via a metal handle.
The metal case can then be extracted from the HDD by removing thre further screws.

  s99Raj 16:33 25 Mar 2005

Aha!!! thanks ensonricky. I did look in there but it didn't look big enough - not until you pull it out anyway, like you said. And there it is! (wish it was labelled on the outside!)

  ensonricky 16:38 25 Mar 2005

Good luck with your file transfer.

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