Wheres the best place to store my music?

  hawthorn59 21:24 01 Jul 2008


Im sorry for what will probably appear a basic question but Im only now begining to sort out and organize my music. I have mp3s, wmas, some mp4s (or is it m4a>) and even midi files (backing tracks).

At the moment theyre a bit all over the place. I have some on the desktop in various folders and albums. Im a bit confused as to what is the neatest way of organising them.

I will probably use WM11 (though in the past have used itunes) so is it best to let it find all the music and add it to the library? But that wont actually change where its stored will it?

Should I puy everything in User/Music folder (Im using Vista) or has anyone any better tips or suggestions?



  iscanut 21:39 01 Jul 2008

Whatever you end up doing, make sure you have them all backed up other than on the PC. External Hard Drive or DVDs is your best bet.

  csqwared 21:41 01 Jul 2008

I was going to say a cupboard but that obviously won't suit - whatever you do ensure you save to another device not on your PC.

  csqwared 21:43 01 Jul 2008

I hate people that can typoe quicker than me. ;-))

  m800afc 21:52 01 Jul 2008

I favour media Monkey. It can handle most filetypes and is free. You can get it to auto search for files, create playlists and auto DJ. It will also cross fade, make toast and brew tea. As for storage, I have my tunes stored on an external drive, which is disconnected unless I am working on a music file.

  peter99co 22:02 01 Jul 2008

I rip direct to an external drive (80 gig) at the moment.
I suppose you have to decide if folders are created for holding music by Type/genre/old/new/vocal or instrumental etc.

  AL47 23:49 01 Jul 2008

on destop i have a space for games, programs, utilities etc pllus a docs, vids, progams, downloads, music

in the music folder there are about a hundred artists, or compilation folders, like nightwish, so sorted alphabetically

in that folder there are albums, like (1998) - oceanborn, so its sorts albums by year

in each album folder each track is named;
artist - album - track # - trck nmae, so
nightwish - oceanborn - 01 - stargazer
so these sort by 1 to 11 or whatever

i use a program to do it all automatically

its neat and easy to find stuff

  hawthorn59 00:14 02 Jul 2008

Then when you rip a cd do you have to adjust settings to make sure its saved to the desktop folder, rather than "My Music"?

Didi you have to set it all up manually or did the program do it for you?


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