Where's the asterisks gone

  davehyde 10:36 18 Feb 2003

OK, only trivial, but where I used to have asterisks in a password box (something like ******) I now have bars (so ||||||) instead!

How do I get my asterisks back?!

  Philip2 11:02 18 Feb 2003

Check your keyboard is set for UK and not USA.

  « Ravin » 11:31 18 Feb 2003


my keyboard has the us setup and it displays *'s

  davehyde 12:18 18 Feb 2003

the poss that I might be set up for US not UK - although the * key (Shift 8) actually produces *'s

Had a look in "keyboard properties" - in W95 there's a "language" tab..... but not in XP! Where've they put it?!

  davehyde 12:21 18 Feb 2003

.... and it's already UK English...

  graham 14:13 18 Feb 2003

It could be an 'Internet' problem. Try sending yourself an email with *'s in it, and capital I's, cus' those bars look like I's in certain fonts.

  QuickHare 15:42 18 Feb 2003

If you reinstall Windows (if possible), it may replace damaged and deleted fonts (when a program you uninstalled removed them for some reason).

This is just an idea.


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