where's all my free space gone???

  Mysticnas 22:08 28 Feb 2004

Hi all,

I've just come across something very perculiar...

A warning came up saying that i'm running out of hard drive space on my C drive. I don't know what's going on! i should have just under half of it free!

When i click on it, the details on the left say it's only got 240MB free Total Size 9.76GB.

I double click the drive and select all (control A) and right click for properties, it displays that all files take up only 6.01GB on disk space.
And if i do my sums right...
9.76GB - 6.01GB = 3.75GB

3.75GB - 240MB = 2.835GB

So begs the question, where is my 2.835GB gone???

Ok i've got 2Gb of RAM, so i thought just incase it's been used up as paging file... but no. It was just like it should have been, my paging file had been spread across my other hard drives. not my C drive.

So, any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

  powerless 22:13 28 Feb 2004

Hidden Files?

Run Scan/Check Disc and it will correct FREE SPACE errors.

If that does not work delete all temp files.

Also the contents of the %temp% folder.

  Mysticnas 22:17 28 Feb 2004

of temp folder are only 218MB. Hidden files are set to view.

  norman47 22:19 28 Feb 2004

With 2 gig of ram you're on X\P?

Check system restore in control panel \ system \ system restore \ settings. The default is 11% of hard drive space.

Also look at the recycle bin. Right click it and select properties. I think the default for this is also about 11%. I always alter mine so I may be a bit out.

So if this is claiming 22% of your hard drive then it will be using about 2.2gig.

Also open an explorer window and click tools \ folder options. Now pick view and then show all hidden files and folders. You will be able to see what is using the rest of the space.

  citadel 22:24 28 Feb 2004

Have a look at system restore and see how much space it is using. I once had to disable it, then re-enable it to get it to delete the old checkpoints.

  Mysticnas 22:26 28 Feb 2004


It seems that i had about 2 restore points for every day this month!!! strange but true.

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