Where would the bookmarks for IE be located?

  Red Devil 12:06 19 Jul 2003

I've just installed Opera v7.11 and I'd like to import the bookmarks (from Internet Explorer (I believe they're called favourites in IE).

When I go to import them into Opera I'm asked for the folder where they are located.

Could any-one let me know where they're stored please?


  Nellie2 12:11 19 Jul 2003

C (if that is where your O/S is loaded), Windows scroll down the list and you should see a folder marked Favorites with a little star on the folder.

  User-312386 12:12 19 Jul 2003

go to file import and export

click on that and the wizard will take you through it


  Red Devil 13:21 19 Jul 2003

I've been able to export IE's favourites with no problem but every time I try and import them into Opera the program crashes.

Oh well..........

Thanks anyway people.

  Red Devil 14:44 19 Jul 2003

Was looking through Opera and it has imported my Internet Explorer favourites.

Just not where I thought they'd be, though!!

Moved the folder and all sorted now.

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