this is where we should all describe the problem

  daba 00:53 30 Sep 2003

i just followed a thread titled "buffs", click here 'cos I thought it might be a new virus or summat.

the very helpfull people on this site give up their time and efforts freely to help others - 'cos its just what they do (thnx all)..

posters, please, put something related to the problem in the title box, that way you will most likely get a response from someone with knowledge of the problem at hand, and save the time of those that don't.

usually a proper description elicits a more creditable response, without having a round of "what'ya mean", "what'ya got", "eh?", "sorry, not my field" dialogs.

(sorry if this sounds harsh)

  Djohn 01:12 30 Sep 2003

I agree it will help, especially with the search facility. But apart from the more knowledgeable people that are asking a specific question, and are able to describe the problem in detail. The vast majority of people are looking for an answer to a problem that they cannot always describe in a couple of words. That's why they need help, and most of us don't mind trying to decipher the question before we can provide an answer.

I don't mind at all in spending a little of my time looking for answers, then attempting to describe them in a more basic, user friendly way. If this helps someone and provides a fix, then I'm happy. Regards. j.

  spuds 01:26 30 Sep 2003

I think that you may find that 'buffs' is perhaps a new subscriber to the PCA forums,and is not sure of the procedures yet. Hence his/her style of putting a question. I could be wrong of course (;o)

  The Paul 07:40 30 Sep 2003

in the grand scheme of things, that a few off-line postings or a thread being posted regarding a problem that was resolved last week isnt really a major headache for FE & Co. They can run with them as its not a real problem for them - more time consuming for everyone.

I posted a thread last night, "Dont Shoot Me But", regarding repeat threads which have recently been resolved. I agree that these are most likely coming from new members who havent seen the serach facility, or as "spuds" stated, dont understand the workings of it.

I had wondered would it be wiser to have a few pages pop up for new members, say upon registration, detailing all these issues. Then when you think about it - is it really that much of a problem and is it worth the time and effort of the PCA staff to set it all up. Probably not given the time and effort already used to keep our beloved Forum alive as it is.

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