where should I buy a new hard drive? store or web?

  theDarkness 13:27 11 Sep 2005

Needing a new hard drive (click.. click! :O) , so browsed around the net for some info. Alot of websites state that I should never buy one on mail order/internet, as sending a small package like a h'drive through the post can easily cause damage to the device. I know where they are coming from, I've worked at Royal Mail! ...and that instead I should always buy from a high street store as they are distributed much safer and more carefully via large capacity lorries etc. Is this just people getting paranoid? The only store close to me is PC World, which sells the same drives at a much higher price.

Currently looking at a western digital 320Gig for £100, but is it worth taking the so called risk of sending it through the 'ol post?! lol :)
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  pj123 13:40 11 Sep 2005

I have bought many hard drives by post. Some from Ebuyer and quite a lot from eBay.

All of them have been excellently packaged and none have suffered any damage whatsoever.

  AubreyS 13:46 11 Sep 2005

Yes agreed, ebuyer is very good and difficult to beat the prices.

  jack 14:53 11 Sep 2005

Mail/courier delivery has been no problem for me.

The thing to look at is the final purchase price
An item pricesed at 10/15 pounds less then a shop comes a pretty near match by the time carriage and VAT are added.
So it all depends on what is most convenient for you? Do live near a suitable store or will you have to go miles? Will you be at home when delivery is made or is this a hassle?
You have to do you sums and take ALL the factors in.

  theDarkness 19:55 11 Sep 2005

main prob I have is that there isnt a very wide range available in PC World here, so I guess Im pretty stuck.

Its just that all that shaking through the post may cause it to fail sooner after a little bit of use, rather than any real physical breaks that could occur and be noticable as the drive is thrown around the mail sorting offices and then posted through my letterbox. Its the shaking thats surely the worst kind since theres no real proof of how the device failed, sooner rather than later, since all hds eventually fail anyway.

Ive heard that the guarantee of modern hard drives has now reduced to 1 yr rather than 2 or 3 in some brands, since theyre becoming faster, and so in theory wear out much sooner?

  Diodorus Siculus 20:04 11 Sep 2005

If you look on PCWorld site, you can often get the webprice and choose to collect at store.

Simply find what you, choose it and when the time to purchase it comes, choose the collect at store option.

  Taw® 20:04 11 Sep 2005

Consider this, the hard drive you buy at the store will also have arrived at the store via mail!! Granted it may be bulk delivery but none the less it will travel nd be bounced about in the same way. As the earlier responses have indicated, many HDD have been bought over the net with no problems. However the end result is you will have to decide what you prefer. For me I have had no problems buying via the net.

  User-312386 20:08 11 Sep 2005

Novatech for me

They courier everything

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  theDarkness 20:21 11 Sep 2005

thanks ppl- yeah I think if I bought a hard-drive on the net I'll try and make sure its courier delivery.

Checking Novatech now, seem pretty decent. I usually just use dabs or overclockers for pc hardware, dont really know that many good sites.

That 320Gb for £105 on overclockers (first post, first item on website link) still seems pretty good inc vat, but that £57 maxtor isnt bad either.. have to decide

Thanks everyone :)

  Strawballs 20:24 11 Sep 2005

I swear by novatech but I live close enough to visit if I have any problems which I must add I never have

  theDarkness 01:47 17 Sep 2005

just got my new drive from overclockers- 300gig ide for £90. its working so far with xp on it :O

Ive split the drive into 2 parts, might make it easier to defragment (take less than 24hrs)...

checking out novatech, might use them in the future, look pretty good, thanks

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