Where to put new slave hard drive

  weschris 13:42 17 Aug 2005

I wish to fit a new hard drive in my iMedia 4605 and have been told it is easier to install it as a slave to my original hard drive but I don't know where to put it as the HDD bay on my computer has only space for one. All external bays are in use.

  Aspman 14:10 17 Aug 2005

If you've got a spare 5" drivae bay you should be able to pick up a spacer or a caddy and fit it in there, if your cables will reach. You may need to juggle things a bit.

I've seen a drive mount made from a couple of elastic bands and 2 pencils so that's an option if you get stuck.

  weschris 14:13 17 Aug 2005

I am afraid I haven't got a spare 5" drive bay.

  DieSse 15:03 17 Aug 2005

An external box is probably best then - with a USB connection to the computer. USB2 is best.

  seedie 15:47 17 Aug 2005

I've got a HD sitting on computer floor resting on a polystyrene pizza base. Had for 2-3 years-no problem


  Aspman 17:16 17 Aug 2005

If you don't mind the guts of you machine hanging out and you can place it where you won't kick it or have kids prodding it Seedies suggestion is perfectly valid. The HD will hang out of the case quite happily. cheaper and faster than a USB/Firewire dive.

  amonra 19:23 17 Aug 2005

You can normally leave it dangling on the floor of the comp. case, just make sure the metal case is down on the floor. You can use cable ties if you are really fussy. Mine is working quite happily + * " ! OOPS !

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