where to purchase xp pro. licence cd

  the kid 20:28 02 Feb 2003

I recently bought a second hand pc and discovered that It is using pirate cd and software. I discovered this by trying to download sp1. can anybody help or advise me what to do.

  matt5705 20:35 02 Feb 2003

then uninstall it (go to add and remove programs> uninstall> follow the o screen in structions) next buy urself a copy from pcworld put it on and ur done.

or if u know the pperson and they know the people who did it or he did it tell microsoft about him hell should get in trouble if microsoft press charges alot of casses they do (OR make the person pay for the new windows ur going to buy)

  A Cat Called George 20:36 02 Feb 2003

Try Ebay, I have just bought a genuine copy of windows xp pro bundled with office xp for just £68.99 including postage. click here

  AMD 4 ever 20:44 02 Feb 2003

r u sure, thats seems crazy prices?

  A Cat Called George 20:53 02 Feb 2003

AMD 4 ever

yes, I am sure, find this item number on Ebay:- 2305186365

  AMD 4 ever 21:08 02 Feb 2003

sorry Iam not convinced that is the licensed and legit version, it would retail for hundreds...can't blieve it would go for so little..sorry but iam a disbeliever till i see the prrof !!!

  rct 21:18 02 Feb 2003

Try click here XP Home Edition £77 + 2.50 P&P. Or XP Pro £119 + 2.50 Fast service, they supply genuine licensed software. I've used them twice previously.

  AMD 4 ever 21:23 02 Feb 2003

rct, good prices but some places won't let you buy just the CD's etc, I know your link does but some have to sell it with hardware as OEM.

  interzone55 21:23 02 Feb 2003

Due to the fee the retailer has to pay Microsoft (£45 for Win XP Home, £95 for Win XP Pro) and around £125 for an Office XP Standard license (and these figures are for cheaper OEM licenses). There is no way anyone can sell a genuine copy of this software for £68.99.
If you've bought pirated copies you
a) will not be able to download any updates
b) have been ripped off, a shop near me sells the disks for £5 each.

  AMD 4 ever 21:38 02 Feb 2003

In a round about way this is what I was trying to say!

  Djohn 21:40 02 Feb 2003

A Cat Called George, Had a look and I'm not sure what this bit means?


Please also note that this is an MSDN (Microsoft developer network) edition of Windows XP Professional and Office XP, which do NOT require any ACTIVATION at any time. They can be used over and over again, on different PC’s.

However, the software is provided in DVD-style cases, exactly as pictured below. I do realise the pictures taken from my Webcam are fuzzy, but what’s on offer is clear.

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