Where to plug in ethernet?

  Georgie68 18:18 07 Apr 2008

I received my Virgin 'Quick Install' broadband pack but don't know where to plug the ethernet cable - it has a usb type end, so can I plug it in the front of my pc, as opposed to the back? Cheers :-)

  zarobian 18:25 07 Apr 2008

Yes you can plug it in one of the USB ports on front or back.

  ened 18:26 07 Apr 2008

It will most probably slot into the back in the same area as you plug in other peripherals like PS2 mouse etc.

You can't get it wrong because it will be a unique socket.

  Georgie68 18:26 07 Apr 2008

That was quick - thanks zarobian!

  Georgie68 18:29 07 Apr 2008

Hmm...just seen your reply ened - my ethernet cable has a 'usb' looking fitting at both ends. The bumf from Virgin said insert it in the back, but if it CAN go in a usb post in the front, i'd rather it go there.... confused now :-(

  Sea Urchin 18:36 07 Apr 2008

Ethernet cable will not go into a USB port - but into a specific port usually at the back of your PC. It looks like a larger version of your dial-up phone socket.

See here

click here

  birdface 18:37 07 Apr 2008

Ethernet cable.Mine does not fit into usb port.Is it an old computer that you have.If using an ethernet connection you don't need to install the pack.Once you turn the computer on all you should have to do is switch the Modem of for a minute then back on and it should connect automatically.Well it did with mine.I think that maybe they sent you the wrong connection cable.

  Georgie68 18:39 07 Apr 2008

Pc's a couple of years old. Virgin reckon i've been sent all the right bits....

  birdface 18:39 07 Apr 2008

Yes sea urchins click here shows you what the ethernet connection looks like.

  Georgie68 18:42 07 Apr 2008

Thanks sea urchin - pictures always have the greatest impact for buffoons such as myself ;-)
In the back it goes, then.

  thms 18:42 07 Apr 2008

They will recommend pluging itnto the back as some times the usb ports on the front can be suspect. If you have ports on the front of your computer and they work with other devices then you can use them.

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