Where is the pic and fax viewer?

  Chris the Ancient 18:55 09 Nov 2004

My missus, bless 'er, came up with a seemingly simple request.

On both her and my machines, we look at our digital camera pictures using the Windows Picture and Fax Viewer. She asked if I could set up her stand-alone work laptop to do the same.

Easy Peasy, methinks. Toddle off and open the folder options and start setting up the file associations for picture type files.

Anyway, that's what I thought. Got to her laptop(running XP on it), navigated to the appropriate place and I find that there is no ability to associate files with Windows Picture and Fax Viewer! It's not in the list. No problem, sez I. Just browse for it.

But I can't find it }0(

Looked on my machine to see if I can find where it is seeing as how I've got it. Nope!

So, where can I find it on her laptop? If it's not installed, we'll have to do without because we haven't any original s/w available, and I think her IT department might not look too favourably on my messing about with their machine.

Any ideas?


  VoG II 19:18 09 Nov 2004

Does click here help?

  Chris the Ancient 19:31 09 Nov 2004

You've stirred my deepest fears!

If it was one of our machines, I would have no worries about editing the registry (I'm _sometimes_ reasonably comfortable there!), but on a 'work' machine I shall avoid that. Obviously someone has gone to lengths to not let it out and might object to me going to similar lengths to get it in.

And suppose I did make a mistake....

Try explaining THAT to the IT department!


  beeuuem 19:32 09 Nov 2004

Or you could try Enable Picture and Fax Viewer from click here

  Chris the Ancient 20:11 09 Nov 2004

What a useful little link!

The disadvantage that I can see, though, is that it is still going to make a registry adjustment. And if the IT dept. took it out, they must have a reason. And I'm not ready to cross swords with them. They're bigger than me!

However, beeuuem, I shall keep a note of that link because it's a smashing one, and one day the missus hopes to 'inherit' the lappie!

  THE TERMINATOR 20:52 09 Nov 2004

Right click on a pic, and from the shortcut menu, choose open with and from the resulting menu click on choose program. Next scroll to Microsoft Fax and Picture viewer, click on it,click on enable ALWAYS USE THE SELECTED PROGRAM TO OPEN THIS TYPE OF FILE then click on ok....TT

  Chris the Ancient 20:55 09 Nov 2004

Trouble is, Microsoft Fax and Picture Viewer isn't there!

Shall close the thread as it does look as though an 'unwelcome' registry edit is the only way out. And we want to stay on the right side of the IT department for reasons given above.

Thanks to all those who looked, thought and helped.


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