Where is the official HJT website? Thankyou

  bof:) 15:11 27 May 2005

Hi all,

I've been told that if you go to the HJT website there are tutorials that teach you how to read a log .

I've posted a log and I'd like to see if its possible to 'have a go' at reading it and actially understanding it to some degree. At the moment it all looks like gobbledegook to me.

This is for my own personal benefit, I've seen the work of the HJT log readers on this site and I think they deserve a big pat on the back.

Many thanks,


  Joe R 15:13 27 May 2005
  Joe R 15:15 27 May 2005


Sorry about that. wrong site.

  Joe R 15:28 27 May 2005

click here

This link will take you to a few tutorials.

  GroupFC 15:33 27 May 2005

Another one to have a look at click here

But take note of the warning on the link posted by Joe R!

Yoy could try posting your log at click here and see what it comes up with!

  Alan H E 16:35 27 May 2005

Is that lappy in your other thread now OK?

  bof:) 17:12 28 May 2005

Hi All, thanks for the links I'll go and have a read of them.

Alan H E, no the laptop still has this 1 dialer I cannot get rid of. Since I posted the HJT log no one has replied apart from p:3.

I've tried to 'bump' to the top of the helproom page but it doesnt seem to work.

Any further ideas apart from just waiting?


  VoG II 17:16 28 May 2005


The responses to your other thread are on Page 2 of the thread!

They are awaiting a response from you.

  bof:) 17:19 28 May 2005

Hi All, GroupFC, on my other thread I have been advised not to use the 'automated HJT reader' site you have given. So at the moment I'm waiting for someone to have a look at the HJT log on my 1st posting.

click here


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