Where is my other hard drive?

  Zebrapec 22:36 13 Sep 2005

I've got two hard drives & win XP, but when I go into control panel and then add/remove programs, it only shows whats on one hard drive, 'I think'.
How do I get to my other drive to remove a program? Also when I go to START, ALL PROGRAMS, it only shows what is on the master drive.
I know both drives are working because I have put most of my programs on the slave drive, and I can active them from desktop shortcuts
Help please

I think you will find, that although the main bulk of the program is installed to the Slave drive, you will find that parts are still installed to the primary, the windows part of the program, hence it looks like everything is installed to you main drive.

I hope you can follow my own gibberish.

  jack 08:39 14 Sep 2005

C drive is the main or primary drive.
D drive will be the second physical drive[ the lump in the machine] or a partition.

However the programs that are working will all be on the primary [C ] drive. Any programs on the secodnary [physical or partition]drive will be a copy just sitting there.

  jack 08:42 14 Sep 2005

I sent it before I had finished.

So to remove items from the secondary - you simply open it and delete as you would any other data
They are not active programs therefore would not appear in the add/remove feature.

thats better

  Zebrapec 18:03 14 Sep 2005

Well, does this mean I have wasted my time loading all these programs onto my 'D' drive, i.e I bought another drive so I could save space on the C drive and this does not apear to have happened then?
I'm confused! Are we saying that(for example) that if I load 10 programs onto drive D, they are on drive C also?
Or to put it another way, how do I keep the drives seperate so I can use one drive for programs and one drive for say just documents, internet etc. or am I asking the impossible

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:06 14 Sep 2005

No you are correct

the main bulk of the program will be on the D drive

but certain parts have to be loaded to the registry and so will be on C

  woodchip 18:10 14 Sep 2005

No you have not"wasted my time" as the main part of the Program goes on the Slave Drive. But there is a lot of text entrys goes into regedit and some Dll's in System32 Folder. Also all drivers go onto C:\

  Zebrapec 18:13 14 Sep 2005

Thanks that explains a lot, I love simple explanations!

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