Where is my address bar?

  Hetti 09:51 18 Jan 2006

Just put my PC on and find the address bar has gone, how do I get it back?

  The Spires 10:27 18 Jan 2006

Go into View at the top of IE, then Toolbars & tick Address Bar.

  Hetti 10:49 18 Jan 2006

The spires

I tried that it was already ticked, but still no address bar what i have is a small box with the the word address in it that is at end of the bar that displays buttons ....search home ect, but nothing happens when I click on it. I use win XP home

  Mavericke 11:07 18 Jan 2006

What you might want to do is first open IE and then view - toolbars - address bar. Make sure that the address bar is ticked. Good luck!

  britto 17:03 18 Jan 2006

you may have only two bars showing,one with file edit view ect,then one below with back refresh home ect.move your cursor to the bottom of these till it turns to an arrow and drag the line down to put the address bar in a separate box.

  Simsy 17:07 18 Jan 2006

is click and grab the little bar that's immediately to the left of the word "Address"...

You can then either;

Drag the bar to the left and watch the address bar grow big enough to write in,


Drag the bar down, so it's on it's own line.

I think what has happened is that you have got the address bar on the same line as the standard button toolbar. If they are sharing the line something has to give, and the address bar has ended up shrunken in length.

Hope this helps,



  Hetti 18:51 18 Jan 2006

Thanks all

None of the above worked, so I tried a system restore and that did the trick.
don't know how it happened, but all is well now, .......... Thanks

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