Where is music stored on WMP?

  hawthorn59 17:30 13 Oct 2011

Hi folks

I use WMP 12 and while its fine overall, Im not sure about a number of things.

1 Where exactly is music generally stored?

2 If I want to load on some music files I have on USB where do I put them? Do I select all the files and move them to .....where? Are they then automatically in the WMP library?

Its just that having recently installed a new hard drive, I would like to be certain of what exactly to do and how exactly it works before I add in / load on my music which I put on USB before the installation. Up to now I wasnt certain where any music file was, maybe I put them in different places each time (my own fault!) but from now on I want to be organized.

In Windows-Libraries-Music there is My Music, but also Public Music-Sample music. The 3 tracks included with Windows are in the Public Music-Sample Music folder. So is this where I should bring in all my music to, or just into My Music.

Also if I rip a CD where does it go by default?

many thanks


  Nontek 17:43 13 Oct 2011

Just into My Music.

  Nontek 17:44 13 Oct 2011

PS - by default, into My Music.

  rdave13 17:54 13 Oct 2011

I have more than one music folder but you can use the library feature so that WMP can 'see' them all if you wish and create lists. The library isn't where the music is stored but it's like having an index in a book, for want and need of a better explanation.

  Batch 18:25 13 Oct 2011

I'm still using WMP10 (I once tried WMP11 and found it so bad that I reverted). I suspect WMP12 is fundamentally the same in WMP10 with regard to the underlying fundamentals.

As others have said, you can put your music files (MP3s etc.) wherever you choose. My Music seems as good a place as any.

WMP10 was set-up by default to hunt for music files to add to its library (aka its index table). In WMP10 this facility can be controlled by going to Tools, Options and clicking the Library tab and selecting the "Monitor Folders" button. WMP12 probably has same facility, but it may be accessed via another route.

You can manually tell WMP to search for files to add details of to the library (F3 or Tools, Search for Media Files).

WMP's Library is where it stores the details of all of the media files (e.g. music files) that it knows about. In WMP10 this is a file known as CurrentDatabase_219.wmdb and is typically located at C:\Documents and Settings\YOURUSERNAME\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Media Player.

If the library ever gets in a mess, you can close WMP and delete the libary file (i.e delete CurrentDatabase_219.wmdb or whatever it is called in WMP12). Then restart WMP and follow the F3 route to repopulate a fresh library file (WMP will create an empty file as soon as it finds there isn't a file at all).

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