Where is the IP Address of my computer?

  AdeyA69 15:13 09 Oct 2007

I am studying a web design course and am a beginner. For some of the software to run, I need to enter the IP address of my computer into the address bar of Internet Explorer. But I do not know where to find this information.

Does anyone know where this info is located?

Thanks. Adey

  mad1234 15:22 09 Oct 2007

click here
try this

  PUNKA 15:23 09 Oct 2007

Bottom right hand corner of the taskbar, right click the icon and click status when the box comes up, click support, in there is all the relevant info you require. hth.

  PUNKA 15:24 09 Oct 2007

Sorry right click the computer icon !!

  Rigga 15:25 09 Oct 2007

The link by mad1234 will show you your external IP address.

If you need your internal IP address, click start, then choose run.

In the entry box that shows, type cmd then hit enter.

In the DOS box that then appears, type


then hit enter.

It will show your computers IP address in the info that is returned.


  mad1234 15:34 09 Oct 2007

Rigga so is it just the external ip address that changes all the time?

  AdeyA69 15:53 09 Oct 2007

Thanks for your time on this but I cannot get any of your suggestions working.

The laptop I am using (not this one) is not online so MAD1234 I tried copying the website source code but it did not work.

PUNKA, I do not have that icon on the bottom right. I have tried them all.

RIGGA, the dos command ipconfig returns the message MEDIA DISCONNECTED

Any more thoughts?

Regards. Adey

  Rigga 15:54 09 Oct 2007

A lot will depend on how you are connected to the internet.

In simple terms.

If you are connected via a USB modem then the IP address that you get from your ISP is both your external and internal IP address.

If you are connected vis a router, then usually you will be assigned an IP address by the DHCP server built into the router. This will be your internal IP address, and the router will be the device that has both an External as assigned by your ISP and it's own Internal IP address.


  AdeyA69 15:57 09 Oct 2007

as my laptop is stand alone and not connected to the internet in any way, does it not generate an IP Address then?


  Rigga 15:59 09 Oct 2007


Can I ask why you need your internal IP address.

You only really get assigned an IP address if you are connected to a network of some kind. Which includes connecting to the internet.

So unless you are connected to some sort of network your PC does not have an IP address.

If you are tryin to get to a Web Server on your local machine you can use either the loop back IP address or http:// localhost/ (remove the space after the //)


  mad1234 16:03 09 Oct 2007

have been looking at that & i believe(i might be wrong) that you have to have your pc either connected to the internet or a network for the pc to create an ip address

thanks Rigga
clear as mud now :)lol

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