Where is the Hokey-Cokey file?

  skeletal 12:21 15 Feb 2008

This has been a puzzle for ages. It comes about because someone I know is forever saving attachments to emails without specifying a correct location (yes he knows he shouldn’t do it!!!).

When you do this, they end up in a location like:

C:\Documents and Settings\Name\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\OLK31

OLK31 is what we call the Hokey-Cokey file; note it can be OLK followed by a pair of random numbers.

The problem is finding it again! If you navigate to \\\Temporary Internet Files, you can’t see the Hokey-Cokey file. If I search for it (using Windows search), I find it, but it seems to be shown as a shortcut. Clicking on it in the search result gives me a security warning, but it will open and I can see lost files.

But, my friend cannot do this on his computer; a search will never find it, and as I say, go to the correct location manually and it is not there. A big difference between me and my friend is that my experiments are on a stand alone computer, but my friend seems to get a lot of files saved on a server.

If my friend does other saves, he can see the missing files in the save dialogue box, but can’t get to them.

In all cases the “show hidden files blah blah” are all appropriately set so every file is supposedly visible. We both use XP.

Why can I get to it only by a search?
Why can my friend not get it by searching, but can see it in the save dialogue box?
Where is it???


  Totally-braindead 12:28 15 Feb 2008

Not being funny here so bear with me. Are you positive you are looking in the right place?

Reason I ask is. If you goto My Documents directly you will see certain files but if you use Windows Explorer and you goto My Computer, C drive, Documents and Settings you will see theres 3 files All users, Mr Smith or whatever and Default user.

Some files will be save under the persons name and some will be under All users.

Don't know if this helps but I have had some problems finding some files and always have managed to find them using Windows Explorer, using other methods such as just clicking through the files can be a nightmare.

  skeletal 12:50 15 Feb 2008

Totally-braindead: given the strangeness of the situation I’m prepared to believe anything! Yes I am aware of these extra places and you are correct, in the past I have found some things in “All users” when I thought they should be under my name.

However, in the case I am describing, we have cleverly (??!!) worked out where these files go by opening the save dialogue box and copying that long file path that I put in my initial post.

You will find the temporary internet folder in the way described, and it is full of all sorts...except the Hokey-Cokey folder!


  skeletal 20:32 16 Feb 2008



  brundle 20:34 16 Feb 2008

Rarely use Windows Search, this is much more effective; click here

All it lacks is an `Open Containing Folder` option but you can solve that by putting a shortcut to Explorer in the SendTo menu.

  brundle 20:35 16 Feb 2008

Not a problem if you're looking for folders of course

  woodchip 20:47 16 Feb 2008

Why not just right click the Attachment in email and save to your location on disc

  skeletal 22:01 16 Feb 2008

Brundle: My friend’s computer is works based and no extra software can be added. Also, in my case I have already proved it is in the Temp internet folder, but is invisible; part of the problem is trying to understand why it does not appear at all on my friends.

Woodchip: you offer the correct solution; we know you are right, but my friend keeps doing it!! Mind you, after the latest disaster, he might mend his ways.

However, I would still like to know why you can’t easily see this file.


  Totally-braindead 14:09 17 Feb 2008

Just a thought and I don't know if this is possible but, you mention its a temporary internet file and I was wondering if theres an option in windows explorer to hide certain items - I seem to think there is as I have a vague memory of it but cannot be sure. Also I have no idea if this would affect the windows show hidden files settings.

  DieSse 14:33 17 Feb 2008

It's possible you have IE set to delete Temporary files when IE closes (mine is set that way).

In which case the file will be deleted whenever IE is closed.

  DieSse 14:35 17 Feb 2008

If you use Thunderbird instead of OE - when you save attachments, it defaults to the last place you saver an attachment to - not the Temp Internet Files.

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