Where have my incoming emails gone to?

  Kooji 17:55 02 May 2007

Hello again folks. I have a problem with my incoming mail. I hear the 'ding,dong' sound but when I check my inbox there's nothing showing. Only the old previously opened mail. I'm using Outlook Express. Could this be anything to do with the previous problem I had. Please see my posting above-Virus Alert keeps coming to my inbox why? Idiot proof answers please. Thanks, Kooji.

  FreeCell 18:09 02 May 2007

Kooji's previous post for the complete story
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  FreeCell 18:12 02 May 2007

Given the number of software programs that were suggested you load to check your PC for virus, what are you currently running that may be checking for spam or virus?
Could you have left something in the filter for the spam checking that causes it to "delete" all your incoming mail?
Do you have a Spam folder in OE and is that empty as well?

  brundle 18:26 02 May 2007

If Norton is filtering your spam into a specific OE `spam` folder, check to see if there are new messages there that have been marked as `Read` by Norton.

  Kooji 09:25 03 May 2007

Thanks FreeCell and brundle for setting me on the right track. It seems that Norton Anti Spam decided to send all of my incoming mail to the Spam Folder-Why would that happen-how do I prevent it?.(I have to blame that because I have no idea why, how,or for what reason computers do crazy things). I drive a car but I'm not a mechanic, if you get my drift?

Anyway back to the original problem. I loaded A Squared plus Ad Aware and they were running (I think) I have since put them in the recycle bin.Should I re-install them?

Also last night I lost the internet connection to PC Advisor, was this just coincidental. It was fine when I logged on today? I can only wait now to see if anything else happens to the emails or if all is back to normal. Many thanks guys. Kooji.

  brundle 13:48 03 May 2007

Not a Norton user myself but apparently if you click on an email marked as spam by Norton, a toolbar will appear allowing you to inform Norton that it's not, it will be moved back to your inbox.

  wee eddie 15:46 03 May 2007

They were all out celebrating their award!

The reason that Norton is putting you mail into Spam is that you haven't yet given it a White List.

Go to the Spam Folder > individually Highlight each e-mail that isn't Spam > click the "Not Spam" Button (It may not necessarily have exactly that title on your version) > It will be moved back to the Inbox > Next e-mail from that Address will go direct to the Inbox.

  Kooji 18:32 03 May 2007

Thanks a bunch guys. I'm so glad the site was down. I thought it was something I had done to my computer!!!I will do as you have both suggested. What would you recommend I do about the 2 programmes I (in my panic) put into the recycle bin, should I now re-install them or just let things be?

Many Thanks


  brundle 18:48 03 May 2007

I assume you mean `uninstalled` them - if you just put the icons in the recycle bin the programs will still be installed.
If you have Norton Internet Security you could safely remove them both, if you only have Norton AV keep them and do a scan once a week or so. As long as you don't end up spending more time scanning your PC for problems than actually using it...

  Kooji 22:56 03 May 2007

Thanks brundle. I'll leave those prog's uninstalled and stick with the Norton Internet Security package and let it do it's job.



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