Where have my Email settings gone???

  Kitz E Kat 23:04 22 Sep 2003

Hi, i had a 'small' problem click here problem with getting on the net turned out to be the hub, a Linksys,went weird on me....

But i can't blame the hub for the missing email settings in OE, their gone , like nothing...

I had two mail address set up, and had been getting and sending mail with no problem, and now if i go to the account's there is nothing, a big blank...

I did a full scan with NAV fully updated, found nothing....

Im at a comlete loss as to what went on..

Any ideas?

Kitz E Kat

  Chris the Ancient 10:02 23 Sep 2003

My first thought would be to do a system restore (if I was on XP).


  Kitz E Kat 18:59 23 Sep 2003

I could just hide under a rug for awhile and it would all go away.....

Can't do that...

Chris, i did a System restore, yup im on XP, the thing is i just copped the 'problem'.....

I set up the wireless network on friday last, and then later set up the mail, when on monday i did the system restore, cos the whole thing went mad ,it backed up to before i set up the mail..

So that is why my mail settings went, adds up dont it......

There you go,a reason for everythig!!!!

Thanks Chris for all you help..
Kitz E Kat

  Chris the Ancient 20:10 23 Sep 2003

Guess what? I've done that as well! (But don't tell anyone)



  spikeychris 20:27 23 Sep 2003

Too late..words out.

  Chris the Ancient 20:37 23 Sep 2003

Who spilled the beans then?

  spikeychris 20:44 23 Sep 2003

The cat

  Chris the Ancient 20:48 23 Sep 2003

I need Hale and Pace and a microwave then!

  spikeychris 20:52 23 Sep 2003

Big dog ought to be enough.

  Chris the Ancient 20:56 23 Sep 2003

That if we keep this up a certain person with the initials FE might pull - so I'll leave the potentially useful thread in!


(Sorry, Peter)

  Jester2K II 20:57 23 Sep 2003

I did this the other day - except it a bit of the other way round.

Something was messing with my click-able links under User Accounts on XP but didn't affect the Admin accounts - links just didn't work.

EVENTUALLY found out it was Star Downloader interfering. How did i find out? Well i swore that the only change i made was installing newer mouse drivers. It wasn't until i used GoBack to go back to before the drivers where installed that i noticed a setup program in my download folder with the drivers.

I tested the links - they worked.

Installed Star Downloader (the mystery setup program) and the links stopped working... I'd forgotten all about installing it!!!

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