Where has menu bar gone?

  PC_HelpMe 19:24 03 May 2010


I use Windows Vista on my laptop - and have only just noticed that when I click on the "My Documents" folder and get a list of all my folders, there is no Menu bar at the top. I could have sworn there used to be one there (it was handy when I wanted to create a new folder etc) but now I have to right click somewhere on the page and select "New" from the drop down window that appears. Is there any way I can get the Menu bar at the top or does this not exist in Vista?

  rdave13 19:35 03 May 2010

Click on the 'organize' tab and in the drop-down menu select 'layout' then tick menu bar.

  PC_HelpMe 20:29 03 May 2010

You are fab! Thank you so much!

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