Where has all my span gone?

  badgery 07:28 11 Sep 2004

Not really a cry for help - but over the past two years I have regularly received around 30-50 messages a day for all the usual 'viagra etc'. I use Mailwasher(free) to delete (not bounce).
However in the last three days these spam emails appear to have suddenly become a trickle (only 1 today and none yesterday or the day before) - and now it's worrying me that they are not there!!! What's wrong with me ? Why am I unloved? Is it BO??
Anyone else notice any change in spam lately?

  €dstowe 07:29 11 Sep 2004

Has your ISP fitted a spam trap?

  badgery 07:30 11 Sep 2004

Sorry for spelling in heading - hope it's obvious spaM was what I wanted. Oh for an edit facility!!

  badgery 07:33 11 Sep 2004

Not had any notification of such a thing, €dstowe, but will enquire.

  VoG II 08:29 11 Sep 2004

It happens click here

  badgery 08:59 11 Sep 2004

Went to website of my ISP (tiscali) and found a 'spam' folder - which showed nearly 2000 messages!!
I am rarely on this webmail site, just use OE for mail normally, so was quite suprised. Proceeded to clear them all and will now keep an eye on it. But it does seem that Tiscali is doing Mailwashers job - rock on!

  end 09:06 11 Sep 2004

funny you should say that...I have just discovered that a legitimate e mail that I am expecting may be being filtered out AS spam by my ISP ; wondered why no e mail notification for postings on another forum were "not happening" and replies being "missed"...I THOUGHT that that forum was"too quiet",,so checked manually....interesting surprise.

now awaiting my ISP"s return e mail, assuming IT does not get filtered out as spam :)

  Rogerfredo 11:07 11 Sep 2004

I think I must be getting all your spam judging by the increase I have suffered recently. (about 50 per day on NTL)!

  end 11:24 11 Sep 2004

"is it BO"...well, if you are feeling neglected or unwanted. to coin a phrase which I think is "acceptable " here ( will find out soon enough if it is not:))

the "free meal " has done exactly what you wanted and "buggered off"....cant complain really can you:)

and I am down to one or two a day, which get put straight in Mailwasher...YEYS.....

but,,,begs the other question as to where are all my "missing links " to my forum questions...

  spuds 11:33 11 Sep 2004

It would appear as though Tiscali are doing some behind the scene improvements.I noticed that the new email set-up use to transfer deleted email to the 'trash' can, within the last couple of days, it as not done that. Just deleted the article into the lost world.

  badgery 11:37 11 Sep 2004

sorry end, but I am lost with your last response, cannot see what you are getting at.
The BO reference was supposed to be humorous, of course.
Free meal loses me!
Sorry again if I'm missing something.

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