where has all my disk space gone

  Leslie-212488 21:07 09 Jan 2007

i have a 80GB HD-partitioned 22GB/56GB
the c drive is 20GB.I only have windows and apps on this drive, everything goes on the 50Gb partition.when i look at the drive in my computer, it says i only have 2 GB of free space on the C drive. but adding up the size of the apps and windows it only amounts to less than 5GB. so where i my dick space.
apparently it's under documents and settings, under my sons account. why.
have i made a mistake and duplicated the accounts on the C drive and E drive? how can i prevent this from happening again?

  ed-0 21:20 09 Jan 2007

"C" drive

System restore will be using nearly 2.5Gb of the "C" drive, reduce this to around 1Gb. Save 1.5Gb

Does your son download video's? If so they are probably in a temp folder. Use treesize for free click here to tell you which folders are holding the data.

Also download and run crap cleaner click here for free. this will clean out all your temp files and more. If you want to save your cookies ( passwords ) un-tick the box for this.

  gudgulf 21:25 09 Jan 2007

......Have a look through the all programs list or run a file search for "Ares".

It is a P2P filesharing application click here

When cleaning up a friends pc of teenager inflicted malware I found a large folder of shared music in the Documents and settings folder.

It was the downloaded music from Ares.

You will need to enable viewing of hidden files and folder.In Explore go to Tools>Folder Options>view and highlight the "show hidden files and folders" button.

If it's not this particular program look for any other P2P software such as Limewire listed in the all programs list.

Sequoiaview click here is an application that shows graphically what files are on the system and there size.

You could use this to highlight the offender.

  mymate 22:12 09 Jan 2007

I use treesize,great little free program .

  Leslie-212488 22:04 10 Jan 2007

but if my documents is on the E drive, why is all that data on c:.
Could it be that i did not set up the drive correctly.
Also i have some adware, that Avast has found, moved to the vault, what do i do with them?
BTW thanks for the programs, i managed to free up quite a bit of space. now have 13GB free.

  mymate 22:36 10 Jan 2007

I just delete the any virus that Avast finds.In Asquared if it says move to the vault,i do that then delete them. Blimey you found 13gb of rubbish on your computer !

  Leslie-212488 10:23 14 Jan 2007

somehow i think when i moved the my documents folders tothe E partition i forgot to remove them from the C drive, thats why i have two of everything. Right, i on the case.

thanks for the advice!

  ed-0 11:11 14 Jan 2007

Thats given you a bit extra space.

Don't know a bout the doc's folder though, never done that.:-)

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