Where is Google.com ?

  Covergirl 22:44 20 Oct 2008

Does Google.com exist anymore?

Or has it been replaced by a regional page. I can't get google.com (as I used to quite a long time ago), I can only get google.co.uk. presumably based on my ip address.

Does it matter anyway?

  cycoze 23:19 20 Oct 2008

When you have google. co. uk up there should be an option to go to the .com version, link found under the search buttons on the right.

  Covergirl 05:33 21 Oct 2008

Lacking in powers of observation.

Strange though how it takes you to .co.uk even if you type in .com.


  Kemistri 12:32 21 Oct 2008

The link bumps you to the local TLD by your IP address, as you guessed. I would prefer it if that didn't happen, as you might sometimes want to avoid the local weighting that already occurs in the search algorithms and if you want to specify, you can use the localisation option via the radio buttons, which about 2/3rds of people routinely use anyway. It's all worked out by your IP and the IPs of websites' servers.

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