Where to go after Lotus Organizer fades away

  3 phase 08:45 30 Dec 2005

I've been a user of Lotus Organizer for years; generally I try and avoid using anything that has MS marked upon it - especially considering the vulrnerabilities of Outlook.

But it seems to me that IBM/Lotus are gradually letting this attractive piece of PIM software fade away - it's increasingly difficult to get support for resolving issues like sync' problems with PDAs Phone etc.

I've tried migrating to ACT, but the 1500+ records I have in Organizer (Biz and Social) got totally scrambled - despite repeated 'work-rounds' from Sage Support.
Does anyone have any positive experiences regarding shifting from Lotus Organizer to another PIM? - I'd go the Lotus Notes route but it's a lot of cash; I'd like to hear some encouraging words before steaming open my wallet

  dewskit 11:03 30 Dec 2005

Have you visited the Lotus SmartSuite Support Site at click here ?

You have to register, but is is free, and there is a complete Forum therein devoted to Organiser as well as the Developers Site.

May be worth a look at least

  3 phase 16:53 31 Dec 2005

Thanks 'dewskit' I've had a quick look and the site appears to be what I'm looking for. I'm suprised I've never come across it when looking for Organizer support before but I guess that's my own fault for always looking to IBM first

  TonyV 18:10 31 Dec 2005

You will get absolutely nothing from IBM/Lotus unless you purchase their Warranty package. I thought I would upgrade my version of SmartSuite and purchased a copy of the latest version but could not register it with IBM/Lotus. I have been in touch with them so many times even writing to the CEO, but nothing. They can give no answer about registering their software. If you have found a Forum Help site for Organiser, stick with that and ignore IBM/Lotus. It seems to me that unless you buy from IBM/Lotus, they will have nothing to do with you. I have now reverted back to my original copy of SmartSuite including Organiser. At least that way IBM/Lotus cannot come back to me for using an unregistered copy of their programme, despite the fact they will not let it be registered!!


  3 phase 10:21 03 Jan 2006


sounds like your experiences with IBM/Lotus match mine - disappointing.
Now that IBM has sold manufacturing rights to Korea for their laptop range one wonders what their priorities are? Clearly supporting the domestic software market is not one of them.

3 Phase

  TonyV 19:12 04 Jan 2006

Over the holiday period I received a message from the Help Service at IBM/Lotus and it said that my "problem" had been passed to the Tech. People. There was an answer today that states that provided I have bought it and after installation it runs OK, there is no need to register with IBM.

Their actual answer was :-"As far as the "Am I legal?" question, since you purchased the software and it is installed and running fine, the quick answer is "Yes, you are legal". The fulfilment center the link referred to on the IBM Product Registration screen is no longer doing business with IBM. Therefore, the link will not work.
Your proof of purchase is your proof of "legality" in this case."

The writer also gave me a personalised link to download the Fix Pack 3. So now I have the very latest edition of SmartSuite.

It obviously pays to send messages to the "Top Dog" if there is no reasonable response from further down the line!



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