Where to get Linux? Specs for Minecraft server?

  btodd 16:34 03 Jan 2011

any ideas where I can get Linux from as I'm wanting to start a Minecraft server. Also what sort of specs would I need for a Minecraft server with Linux?


  gel 16:50 03 Jan 2011

click here

try this


  woodchip 17:30 03 Jan 2011

Check this site for what you want, You can try without loading first by running as a Live CD click here

  btodd 20:23 03 Jan 2011

Thanks that's brilliant, any ideas on the specs i would need for a minecraft server?

  woodchip 20:50 03 Jan 2011

Linux does not need much to drive it, it's not like windows bogged down with bags of coal. You can use just about anything

  woodchip 20:52 03 Jan 2011

Is it for running this? click here
Server depends on your ISP and quality of Phone lie. unless you are on cable

  btodd 21:14 03 Jan 2011

Yh thats it, when i tried on win 7 with 1.5GB it was like 1 frame every 10 seconds for the server so hopefully it will be alot better with linux

  ashdav 23:32 03 Jan 2011

For links to virtualy all Linux distros click here
There are so many it can confuse you.
Do you want to run a Linux OS along side Windows or just run the server ?

  ashdav 23:42 03 Jan 2011

Some specs about the computer you want to use would be useful. In particular the cpu and amount of RAM.
I've looked at some other details with regard to Minecraft and Ubuntu seems to the most favourable.

  btodd 13:17 04 Jan 2011

RAM: 1.5GB DDR400
CPU: Pentium 4 2.8ghz Single core
GPU: Radeon 9200 se 128MB

  btodd 13:19 04 Jan 2011


Just for the server.

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