where to get fan guards for VERY cheap and also...

  Hachi-Roku 19:22 28 May 2003

hi! i just like to know where to get normal metal fan guards for 8 cm case fans for very cheap and also, whats a good heatsink and fan for the cpu since im worried that my XP2800 is overheating as it runs around 58C or is that ok? my current heatsink & fan which also came with the cpu is able to support up to a XP 3000 but i feel it doesnt quite do the job! is there a chance that i can get a REALLY good quality one for around £20 or less? thanks!

  Rayuk 19:33 28 May 2003

What motherboard are you using???
If its MSI Nforce2 board dont worry about it.

  Hachi-Roku 19:40 28 May 2003

i use a MSI KT400 mobo

  -pops- 19:43 28 May 2003

Why do you need guards on the fans? They work in an inaccessible, stable environment where there should be no prospect of things moving around (apart from themselves!) so a guard on a fan is superfluous or, have I missed something?

  Hachi-Roku 19:47 28 May 2003

well to protect my fingers and any dangling wires for a few reasons!

  -pops- 19:58 28 May 2003

All wires in the machines I build are kept under control and tidy by nylon cable ties. Wires shouldn't be dangling - asking for trouble. Fingers, well, how much time do you have fingers in there? Even so, you know where the fans are.

  wee eddie 22:25 28 May 2003

In other words. Built with it's own ducting and the only access to the blades is at 90' to the rotation. The motive power on most would be insufficient to cut jelly, let alone a finger.

The only need for fan guards is when a fan is directly mounted on the casing and then the guard is only there to stop your little brother putting his fingers in it.

Very decorative but pretty pointless.

  (Wardy) 22:49 28 May 2003

Give the man a break if he wants fan guards.:)
Hachi-Roku Could be that you need better case cooling to bring down that 58C

  Hachi-Roku 23:08 28 May 2003

yes your right there Wardy! all i asked for was whats a good place i get get some cheap fan guards! oh and it is for decorating purposes actually! im sad, so what lol! and i am serious about it protecting fingers! maybe i need to explain it better! i need some fan guards since im going to be cutting out the back panel grooves where fans can be mounted so that when it sucks air out, i can have more of it out since the grooves basically block up like 60% of the airflow! and i need fan guards there just incase someone accidently puts there hand behind and then has their fingers cut off or something! well i hope that is explained!

well Wardy, i already have 4 fans in my case yet my CPU seems to run quite hot still! its probably due to its fan and heatsink not being powerful enough! it did come with the CPU bundle and even though they are good, i feel as if i should get better! ive managed to look around a few sites and i saw that new coolermaster aero7 (i think thats what its called) and it looks quite interesting! im thinking would it be easier if i get that or a different fan and heatsink! preferbaly id like one thats not too expensive!

  The Spires 23:14 28 May 2003

I almost took my finger end off a couple of weeks ago on a stock AMD Athon fan, it sheared one of the blades off and it was never quite the same afterward (both finger & fan). However real men laugh in the face of Pc fans. ;-)

  The Spires 23:26 28 May 2003

These do a range of fan guards etc, nice people too. click here

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