Where to forward the ports for PCAnywhere

  Tugwilson 18:01 12 Jan 2007

I have a PC that i would like to connect to from overseas.the connection to the pc is through a lan cable connected to a D-Link wireless router,this in turn is connected to my ADSL router.The wireless side is only used for my laptop.how do i forward the ports on the ADSL router(repotec 1800) so it sends the "request"from pcanywhere to the DI-524 and then on to the PC? I hope this is not to confusing.basically i think i need to "cascade"the ports forwarding but i dont have a clue where to start.in the ADSL router software it makes ref to "public" and "private " ports.Can anybody help?

  mgmcc 16:39 13 Jan 2007

You could try putting the IP address that the ADSL router allocates to the D-Link router into the DMZ, so that you only then need to set up port forwarding in the D-Link router for the LAN IP address of the relevant PC.

  Tugwilson 04:17 14 Jan 2007

Thanks for the info,Ive tried to do as you suggest but no luck.it still wont work.

  mgmcc 09:07 14 Jan 2007

Disable the D-Link's DHCP server and connect it to the ADSL router directly - "LAN port to LAN port" - so that it functions as a basic Network Switch / Wireless Access Point and not as a second *router*. Then you only need to set up port forwarding in the ADSL router to the IP address that it allocates to the PC (or better still, give the PC a fixed IP address in the ADSL router's Subnet).

  Tugwilson 08:37 15 Jan 2007

Thanks ill try it,In the ADSL router software it makes ref to public ports and private ports.I take it that the private ports are the ones used by PC Anywhere and the IP is that of the PC i want to connect to.But what is meant by the public ports? is this port 80?

  mgmcc 14:22 15 Jan 2007

Now you're getting "technical" ;)

I *suspect* the public ports control incoming traffic from the internet where the private ports are for LAN traffic, where you haven't given other computers full network access in your LAN, but want a particular application to have access to one of the PCs. I should try setting up port forwarding in both public and private ports for the relevant port number and the appropriate PC.

  rodriguez 15:21 15 Jan 2007

click here for the Repotec 2014, click here for the Repotec 2404 and click here for the Repotec 509. The 1800 isn't listed, but one of those should be similar to it. Also click here for the D-Link DI-524.

  Tugwilson 16:02 15 Jan 2007

Thanks for the info;ill give it a try when i can ill reply asap.

Many thanks also.i have looked at this site in the past but the set-up in my software is completely different,it states that you have to give a public port,private port & destination IP.

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