Where to fit an extra fan

  Mutant_Llama 09:38 30 Jun 2003

I have a feeling that my PC is overheating (I have upped the memory from 512MB to 1GB and replaced the GPU from a GF3 to a GF4) and would like to fit an extra fan, only I can not see any place within the case for another fan to go.

If I have no more spare fan bays what are the alternatives?

  Chegs ? 09:42 30 Jun 2003

HDD coolers,placed in a spare drive bay on the front of your pc?

  -pops- 09:49 30 Jun 2003

You shouldn't really be installing fans willy nilly. Fans work best if they have a designed airflow, not just blowing air around the case.

Firstly, do you know you need extra cooling? You may be best if you test your temperature before doing much more.

Second, are your current fans arranged in the optimum way? The convention is to have air intake at the bottom, front and extraction at top (near the CPU), rear. If you have multiple case fans, you should have them matching with an equal number taking cool air in at a bottom level of the case and extracting hot air at the top level.

Do any temperature testing with the case fully assembled as operating with the sides off alters the air flow conditions and will give false readings.


  Stuartli 09:52 30 Jun 2003

Do you have facilities to put a case fan at the front of your case (if one is not already fitted)?

If you do fit one note the direction of the air flow, marked somewhere on the edge of the fan itself - it should obviously pull air into the case.

Other possibilities are to use the round yellow IDE cables which don't restrict air flow as much as IDE cables or an exhaust fan.

If you are having problems with over heating...

Depending on what type of case you have, it may pay to get one which has holes in the side to place fans. This then allows a lot more air into the computer, thus cooling more efficently.

But check all your temperatures first though.

  Mutant_Llama 12:40 30 Jun 2003

When I opened the case I could only see 3...one on the power supply unit, situated at the top of the rear of the PC, an extraction fan just below this, a third of the way down the back of the PC and finally the processer fan.

My first thought was that the GPU was overheating so I purchased a coolermaster stick on fan and attached it to the GPU. This seems to have made little difference and, after the comments on the correct air flow, could in fact be making matters worse?

PC spec:
Mesh XP1900 in an ATX case
1024MB DDR 266htz RAM
GF4 ti4200 128 MB DDR GPU
400w PSU

I had considered a case mod and having one of the exhaust blowers fitted to extract hot air, would this make much difference or is that a waste of time?

  pinka 12:45 30 Jun 2003

u can get a fan that fits to the pci slot below gpu about £6 i think click here

  sil_ver 13:22 30 Jun 2003

What makes you think your PC 'might' be overheating?

  Paranoid Android 13:43 30 Jun 2003

Experience tells me that PCI slot blowers generally don't help. You need to encourage airflow over the processor, disk drives and cards.

If you don't want to change your case, then modding is the answer. The key is neat holes and chrome grilles, and to fit the biggest fans you can (bigger fans run slower and quieter).

You can get a tank cutter from screwfix.com (search for hole saw - 76mm hole saw and 11mm arbor - approx £ 14 for the pair). This will fit 80mm fans. An 86mm hole saw for 92mm fans is a little more expensive. A 114mm hole is required for a 120mm fan.

Before you begin cutting the case you MUST remove all the electronics because any swarf on the motherboard could kill it.

I recommend you begin by opening out the existing case fan hole and fitting a chrome grille. This should significantly increase air flow and reduce noise.

Then cut a hole, either near the bottom of the inner front panel, or in the base. If you cut the inner front panel take note of the fascia and try to determine how much air can get in through the slots etc, depending on the design of your case.

If you cut the a hole in the base take note of the clearance beneath the case.

Whether or not you fit intake fans is up to you, in theory as long as you have a a sufficient inlet ventilation the exhaust fans should be enough to force a good airflow.

My case (Jeantech) has a twin-fan silent PSU, plus a full-bore 92mm exhaust fan. There is a 90mm vent hole in the bottom panel below the graphics card, and a 76mm open vent hole in the inner front panel, leading to vents in the bottom of the front fascia panel. If I put my hand near the front intakes I can feel the cold air being drawn in, and the top of the case is always cool to the touch. With careful choice of fans the whole lot is nearly silent.

Open type chrome grilles are available in PC World for a few quid, or from theoverclockingstore click here - they also do tank cutters but a bit more expensive.

Good luck.


  -pops- 13:49 30 Jun 2003

It could be overheating now if the fan you've stuck on the CPU is working in opposition to its own fan.

Ignore the PSU fan for now - that has a specific job. If there is only one case fan that should ideally be placed at about the same level as your CPU and drawing air OUT of the case. You can check the direction of airflow easily by holding a match flame near to the outlet. Matching the airflow out there MUST be either an intake fan or an open grill at bottom, front i.e. air is being drawn into the case at a low level.

But, again, are you sure the machine is overheating? What is it doing to make you think that? Remember a modern CPU can work quite happily at 60 degrees plus. Best not to if you can avoid it but it won't do any harm.


  Mutant_Llama 16:27 30 Jun 2003

The reason I suspect overheating is I have changed the original spec:

512 MB DDR memory
300watt PSU


1GB DDR memory
400watt PSU

I thought the the increase in GPU/memory may have result in increased internal temperature so would fit an extra fan to be safe (not realising the complication behind it!)

I am suffering reboots after about 1.5 hours of playing games and as I have only just gone from 512MB to 1GB (wothout any reported errors) suspected overheating......

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