Where does the sound quality lie?

  Barton Fink 2005 18:22 16 Apr 2005

Hi I was wondering if anyone could advise me on my digital media set up. I have a pc that holds all my MP3's and I stream it via network to another pc and then transfer it to my denon amp via a phono lead. What i would like to know is which component manages the sound quality? Is it the host pc's sound card or the network pc's sound card or is it the denon amp? I want to know whether I should update my sound card to improve sound quality on either the host pc or the network pc or doesn't it matter as this is controlled via the denon amp? Hope someone can advise. Regards

  Forum Editor 10:39 17 Apr 2005

is that you're streaming a digital file to the second PC, so what is there on the first machine's hard drive will be what arrives at the second computer.
If sound quality is being degraded it is happening in the second computer and/or in the amplifier and speakers.

  Halmer 10:45 17 Apr 2005

if the number of posting would change from -2 to -3!

  VoG II 10:50 17 Apr 2005

-2 + 1 = -1


  stalion 14:04 17 Apr 2005

Thats a sound observation :o)

  Praxis99 10:23 19 Apr 2005

If your happy with the sound of your amp and speakers when its playing say a CD, I would look to improving the quality of the mini jack interconnect connection between your PC and Amp, this can make quite a difference, Russ Andrews do a good some good quality one's click here

I'd also consider if your using onboard sound in your second PC perhaps getting a dedicated sound card such as those provided by M Audio or Creative. Either way make sure you mute inputs you are not using such as Mic and line in where applicable since these can add 'noise' to your music and keep your sound card as far away as possible from your graphics card to limit emf interference.

Finally the quality at which you have encoded your digital files will obviously effect the sound you hear, particularly if you are using low bit rates which might sound fine through headphones on a portable player but whose limitations are all to obvious on a Hi Fi set up when compared with a CD of the same music.

  Praxis99 10:29 19 Apr 2005

This product might also be worth considering, just shop around since you might get it cheaper elsewhere click here

  woodchip 10:32 19 Apr 2005

As I said in you first thread You cannot get something for nothing MP3 are made primarily for MP3 pocket players and no amount of buying the best equipment, is going to bring it up to Hi-Fi quality

  Praxis99 13:08 19 Apr 2005

While most of my music is recorded lossless, MP3 at 320kps while a lossy format will still give you good audio fidelity which likely as not (depending on how reveling your system is) you'll be hard pushed to tell from the original.

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