Where does Outlook store email accounts?

  cruachan 12:21 05 Jan 2005

Not, it seems, in the .pst file, or any other file that I can see on the MS support pages, unless I'm failing to interpret them right.
Migrating between computers, I can transfer folders and contacts, but have to re-enter e-mail accounts one at a time. This information has to be stored somewhere....
Any ideas folks?

Mike Edwards

  ACOLYTE 12:27 05 Jan 2005

You could try exporting the adress book contacts
as a .Wab file say to you desktop then import it back to the other address book.

  cruachan 12:35 05 Jan 2005

Thanks, but Contacts are not a problem.
The difficulty is with the list of my own email accounts - addresses, usernames and passwords, pop and smtp addresses.
Those wouldn't be in a wab. file, would they?

  ACOLYTE 12:40 05 Jan 2005

These should be on your ISP site for the pop/smtp addys,as for the addresses and passwords you may have to write them down to remember them.

  cruachan 12:44 05 Jan 2005

I have got them written down, Acolyte: I'm just looking for a way of avoiding the fag of re-entering them one at a time.... So I want to know which file they're stored in so I can just transfer the file. OK, call me lazy!

  ACOLYTE 12:53 05 Jan 2005

I dont think there is a way of doing this apart from entering them 1 at a time,but i may be wrong
click here
is what i found but i dont know if its what your looking for.

  cruachan 13:24 05 Jan 2005

Well, It doesn't look too promising, but I'll explore the site.
Thanks, whatever it does or doesn't produce.
I can't believe it isn't possible to do this, though. I feel there is a simple way - I just don't know it. (And will probably spend far longer looking for it than just re-entering the information, in the event!)

  handful 17:40 05 Jan 2005

Is this any use? click here

  cruachan 19:32 05 Jan 2005

This may well help: I may be able to import in two directions, maybe.
Thanks to you all for your helpful suggestions.

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