where does hp scanner 2280 save files

  howard64 20:59 19 Aug 2010

a friend has an hp scanner 2280 having scanned he cannot find anyway of saving the scan. Does anyone know how to save or if the prog automatically saves the scan where is it put.

  Nontek 21:01 19 Aug 2010

With Epson scanners, auto-saves are saved in My Pictures - not sure about HP, never used one.

  Im a diddy 21:17 19 Aug 2010

my HP F380 saves scans to my documents /my scans...

but also within the hp software for my model there is a section under scan settings where you can set the location yourself.
"save to file option" if your HP software is the same ypu will be able to confirm where scans are currently saved to.

  howard64 21:29 19 Aug 2010

thanks Im a diddy it is in my/documents/scans - I am amazed that you do not get an option to put a name it just appears as scan1 scan2 etc. Thanks again.

  Im a diddy 21:39 19 Aug 2010

you could try this

To set the destination folder to save scanned documents, you will have to navigate using the following path
1. Open Solution Center
2. Click settings
3. Click Scan Settings>Click Manage Scan Shortcuts
4. Click Save to File Save Options
5. Under section Save Location> Click Browse & Select the folder where the scanned image needs to be stored.

If it has been set correctly, here is something you can try.
1. Change the base file name to something unique - E.g Jackmwhite0001 (this option can be found under Manage Scan Shortcuts
2. Start a scan & click on finish
3. If the file is not found in the deatination folder, initiate a windows search & look for the file name

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