Where do the Sage Back-up files Reside ?

  Giggle n' Bits 22:14 27 Apr 2005

Usuall when backing up sage Payroll I do it in the programme itself, but now using a CD Wtr and nero I need to navigate to the files but do not know which folder in the Sage Programme folder they are hidden. Help please

  absent 23:41 27 Apr 2005

I can not tell you as have never used sage but try using windows search to look for sage files, you made need to try different search options. If you are unsuccessfull leave this post open and I will ask in my office tomorrow as they backup sage to cd.

  pete-290318 00:06 28 Apr 2005

I'llwatch this thread coz I have same problem.

I back up to floppy and then transfer to cd but this is a pain and would like to burn direct to cd.

I can back up straight to a formatted CDRW but not directly to a CDR. and to use CDRW's all the time is costly coz the taxman says you should make 3 copies.

  Giggle n' Bits 01:16 28 Apr 2005

thanks absent, this isn't covered in the Sage Booklet which is a bit poor when its a important procedure, & pete77 I know how you feel also. Good by the Floppy hello CDR/CDrw

  absent 16:12 05 May 2005

According to the admin in my office, if you want to burn using nero you have nominate a folder where you wish to save the sage backup files to, then burn from there. It seems you cannot do it from within sage. Sorry for the delay, hope this helps.

  pj123 17:44 05 May 2005

From my experience, pete77 is correct. You can back up to a floppy, a dedicated folder on the hard drive or a CD/RW but not to a CDR.

As far as your question 'Where do the Sage Back-up files Reside ?' They should be in a folder on your hard drive that you nominated when doing the backup. I suppose the easy to find that out is to go into Sage and do another backup and look and see where it is going to save it to. Make a note of it.

CD/RWs are not that costly but they are not that reliable either. I would suggest you backup to a dedicated folder on your hard drive and then burn to CDR using multisession. Once the CDR is full finalise it and then just do 2 copies of it. Yes, it is a drag I know. But to keep the IR and Customs & Excise happy just do it. How often do you have to do it? My friend pays his staff in cash weekly, so he does a backup every week. He's not complaining as long as it keeps the IR and C&E off his back.

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