Where do passwords reside on the harddrive?

  jack 11:42 03 Oct 2010

Having set up a machine for my daughter- I copied the entire drive from the old machine to the nmew and proceeed to transfers stuff appropriately
All went well. Got on line OK. Could surf OK
However when she logged onto her Webmail account the well remembered password was rejected.
The question then is where do passwords reside on a drive so that it/they can be located.?

There must be an option to recover or replace the password on the webmail opening screen?

  lotvic 11:52 03 Oct 2010

download SIW (system information tool) click here and look under 'Secrets'

  jack 12:28 03 Oct 2010

That did it on mine own - now all i have to do is get over there on Tuesday- and sort her out.

There is as on all web accounts the option to remember or change a password.
But first you have to be logged in.
If the password is rejected- you don't get off the starting grid.

  Sea Urchin 15:43 03 Oct 2010

Most web-mail sites ask you to log on with your username and password - but if you cannot remember the password you click a link such as "forgot my password" or similar.

Exactly what I meant!

  lotvic 16:03 03 Oct 2010

link such as "forgot my password"

Yes, and they email a password to you..... now if only I could remember the password so that I can collect the email with my password in it....

unless you have it set up to send it to a different email addy that you can collect you are up the river without a paddle.

That's exactly WHY you use a different email addy!! It's dead easy to set up a Hotmail or gmx or gmail account for just such eventualities.
Maybe not the first thing on your mind when you set up your email, but now.......?

  lotvic 16:29 03 Oct 2010

Well now, thank you for that, it sure sounds dead easy and is what I did back in the 90's when email was 'new' ;-)

  Muergo 17:27 03 Oct 2010

Downloaded program ok, very informative, but couldn't find "secrets" file.
Looked under "Security" and "passwords" but nothing shown.
Maybe there isn't one set for my machine?

On mine it showed a bunch under Passwords!

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