Where do my case wires plug in?

  starslayer 18:32 03 Feb 2003

Hi all; am building my own PC but I'm confused about what wires running from the case go where. The board is an Asus A7V333 and the case is a model V770 from ebuyer.
The Mobo manual has helped establish what set of sockets (a twenty-pin set of ten by two) the wires go in, but its description of the wires themselves doesn't tally with the markings on the wires. For example, one set of wires is marked individually:
-P Led (it's a 1 pin connector)
+P Led (also 1)
Power SW (2)
Reset SW (2)
but none of those descriptions is referred to in the manual and I'm having a helluva time figuring what corresponds to what. Can someone do a "How to build a PC for dummies" and stop me going slowly mad?! It's like a different language! Thanks...

  Eraflooz 18:51 03 Feb 2003

hey now...Yeah no doubt it is maddening but think of the satisfaction you'll receive after you spend those countless hours considering, configuring and assembling the damned thing...The easiest way to figure out which case wires correspond to which pins is to go online with Asus and also your case manufacturer...it can be difficult but i think you will find that the markings by the pins on the mobo will be similar (not exact) to the labels on each of the wire leads...this is where you have to be careful...if any of those leads are for external USB ports, one of the pins will be for POWER and if you get that one wrong you could fry either ther ports themselves or your board...The long and short of it is...Go to the websites...If that doesn't get it done then ??

  Kudu 19:14 03 Feb 2003

Just put one together last week and it strained my braincell a bit but the the Quick Reference Card that comes with the motherboard shows exactly where the connectors go on that 10x2 socket block.Have you checked it?

  Tog 19:15 03 Feb 2003

How does the manual describe the pins?

  woodchip 19:25 03 Feb 2003

USB are not near the pins you are on about so do not worry you cannot do any damage Led's only work one way so if they do not work switch the connectors round like your -Pled and your +Pled these go together side by side and are more than likely to just show that you are getting power to the board, Power SW will work ether way round your comp will not power up if you do not get this on the right pins. Have a close look at the board for marks letters segments will be grouped in brackets

  Ixora 22:52 03 Feb 2003

Built my first comp'system a month ago useing the same Mobo (Asus A7V333). If you have the Quick Reference Guide and the Quick Reference Card that should have come with the board then this will tell you were the leads go. They also show the + connections. The case leads are shown on page 7 of the Q S G. The Q R C shows an enlarged version of the 10x2 panel with all the connections marked. Hope this helps you.

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