Where do I start with my DVD recorder?????

  fredo3 11:04 03 Jan 2004

I'am 14 and my parents bought me a DVD recorder for christmas but I dont really know where to begin using it. A family friend has installed it into my computer ok and I have the latest nero burning program and clone dvd and a spindle of 25 blank dvd discs.
Can someone please explain the benefits of owning a dvd recorder and what I can use it for.
I've seen talk on ripping films etc but I just didnt understand it

Its sat in my computer since christmas day without being used.


ps..I know how to use nero & clone

  Cooter 11:22 03 Jan 2004

may sound strange to some but good question fredo! an obvious couple of tasks i would use it for (if i had one) would be to convert my old vhs video tapes onto dvd, obviously seperate leads and software may be needed here. another one would be to make my own family/friends movies onto dvd. a simple way of doing this is by using a webcam with a long extension lead to go round the house, send the short movies to windows movie maker and away you go! i'm sure others will let you know of many other confusing things you can do with it. just out of interest what model/make is the dvdr you have been given. all the best, cooter

  MichelleC 11:25 03 Jan 2004

My son uses his dvd-rom for burning things he's downloaded from Kazza Lite. The dvd's hold 4.7gb, which is too small for films in avi format, so he uses Nero to convert to mpeg2 for dvd or mpeg1 for vcd. DVD's are also handy for backing up large data files.

  Rayuk 11:29 03 Jan 2004

Akk things dvd related
click here

  fredo3 11:31 03 Jan 2004

thanks cooter,michelle my dvd is a sony and it does handle everything according to the shop.
Can I copy a film off a my DVD disc and rewrite to my blank for my own use?

  Cooter 11:43 03 Jan 2004

yes fredo, films can be burned onto dvdr from the original dvd as long as it isnt encrypted with anti-piracy and also as michelle says from certain file sharing sites tho talking about these sites here and elsewhere will probably cause a debate on legalities and the principles of doing so!!

  fredo3 11:55 03 Jan 2004

thanks cooter

  Cooter 12:52 03 Jan 2004

a handy site for chat/forum and lots of dvdr addon tools. click here

  rickf 12:58 03 Jan 2004

fredo3, you need specail siftwre to copy dvd fims as they are copy protected by a code. The sofeware breaks down the code to allow you to copy to another dvd disc but this is illegal so think before you do.click here would provide you with more info.

  Mick-212626 21:26 03 Jan 2004

try backing up your hard drive BORING but very handy

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