where do i start ?

  jarani 19:32 20 Jun 2006

i want to setup a simple free web page - complete novice - any advice - jarani

  ade.h 20:34 20 Jun 2006

"Where do I start?"

When I read your question, that's what I'm thinking. It's potentially a big and confusing subject.

How free do you want this to be? If you want free wizzywig software, use Nvu, but be prepared to learn how it works and make use of the numerous Nvu tutorials.

Have you got webspace yet? Is it from your existing ISP, or are you thinking of using something like Geocities or similar? Or are you prepared to pay a small fee for it if you cannot get any freespace? From £20 per year, for example.

And finally, what do you intend to use it for?

  jarani 20:39 20 Jun 2006

Well, I would like a free one for begginers and I dont know very much about them at all so don't expect me to know those site. I would like to make one where people can veiw and write comments about the site and photo's.

  jarani 20:59 20 Jun 2006

we are with freeserve so that i think we have a free web space - this is for my granddaughter who is a know all 12 - jarani

  ade.h 21:09 20 Jun 2006

If you want to allow site visitors to post comments, that introduces some complexity, and not inconsiderable for a complete novice. It would be simpler to allow them to send you comments through a contact form, the PHP code of which is readily available, or simply via email (though that opens up other issues). Your freespace may not support PHP, which you would need for your initial idea of posting comments.

Keep it simple.

  jarani 22:51 20 Jun 2006

ade.h - many thanks for your helpfull comments - we will move gently step by step learning as we go along - she is miles ahead of me already - i will check the sophistication of the available fascilities with freeserve free web site - jarani

  ade.h 22:59 20 Jun 2006

"...she is miles ahead of me already..."

Typical 12 year old then! I was born about ten years to early to get PCs at school; these days, they're teaching them webdesign!

  mco 23:12 20 Jun 2006

...teaching them Dreamweaver,even!

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