Where do i stand - Wanadoo

  Nelsky* 12:52 09 Dec 2005

I signed upto wanadoo dial up in jan, and after a while wanadoo rang up to say they wanted to upgrade me, to broadband which i accepted. Here's where the problems started. I was told that if i was to move that there would be absolutely no charges made by wanadoo what so ever (i was naive), they didnt send my equiptment, when it finally arrived it was the wrong equipment. Then 3 months later i moved, My first annoyance which i accepted (not so graciously) was a £25 charge for reconnection which would take upto 20 working days. 20 working days later there was no connection so I rang up wanadoo and was told that for some unknown reason wanadoo had not even tried to reconnect my broadband,(In meantime I had signed up to aol for the free trial and because wanadoo wanted an extra £14.99 a month to use there dial up), I rang up again the next day on the advice of the customer service lady only to be told in a rude way that the lady had been lying to me and that if she wanted to lie to me that was upto her and infact wanadoo had tryed to reconnect but there had been a problem with my line and was basically told to stop calling. Of course I rang back and was told that the previous person was infact a liar and that the original lady had been telling me the truth (you still with me), so i kicked up a fuss and tried to get the service stopped but was told that you had to be disconnected from wanadoo for atleast three months before you could cancel.then was tld that they didnt care what i thought because there was nothing i could do about it anyway, and finally that it would be on in 10 working days. Ok now a month later(well over 10 working days), 2 months without broadband and over £61 out of pocket I have suddenly had an email off wanadoo saying that they have had to deactivate my account but that it is probably just an error with my details or my bank details are incorrect, but i know they are not because they took my pennies. PLEASE HELP, SORRY ABOUT THE RANT BUT WHAT DOES THIS MEAN, im guessing that my account being deactivated is not the same as being terminated, I dont really want to ring them incase they decide to reactivate my account and fnally get it conected before my three months is up, cos i was sort of hoping to cancel and just start again with someone, even if they offered me the best deal in the world, I have lost all faith in wanadoo. I am after some advice on where i stand with them, what this deavtivation thing means etc etc, I'm really confused and annoyed so again sorry about the ranting. any question please ask. HELP

  interzone55 13:17 09 Dec 2005

A little difficult to follow you're story because it's pretty much one very long sentence.

Let me try to summerise:
You were originally on Wanadoo Anytime, but they asked you to upgrade to BB.
During the upgrade you ask if there would be any charges if you moved house and they said no.
When you actually moved they charged you £25 for a service you have not received.

Am I correct there?

If so, are you still being charged a monthly subscription?

My advice would be to get your story into order, chronological bullet points would be good, along with copies of bank and/or credit card statements, then pop along to trading standards to see if you have grounds for county court action. As I see it Wanadoo have reneged on an agreement not to charge for moving your service, and they are charging you for a service you have not received.

  Shortstop 13:24 09 Dec 2005

This is truly appalling service and reminds me of a situation I had earlier this year - although nowhere near as bad as this!

The terminology is the issue here and I believe that the term 'de-activated' means stopped because you have not paid [hence the bank details being incorrect] rather than the agreement being cancelled by them.

I would immediately write a letter to Wannadoo explaining all the above - how long you have been waiting, the fact that debits have been taken from your account for a service that has not been provided. I would, however, tread lightly on the comments from their staff saying each other is a liar - probably using the terminology that each said that the other has misinformed you [again, just terminolgy but less agressive].

The leter should be send by Special Delivery and should include a [realistic] timescale that you expect a reply and resolution - and you can state that given the poor service so far received you have no intention of remaining a customer. You might want to send a copy of this to the Industry Ombudsman - sorry, I have lost the details - and make it clear in the letter that this is being done.

Good luck. Mine took 2 months to resolve, but I got all my money back plus an 'incovenience' payment from the ISP.



  Nelsky* 13:30 09 Dec 2005

yes sorry, im not much good at simplifying things.

from start to finish.
they started charging before i recieved equipment

they then sent wrong equiptment

they then charged me for moving house even though i asked them before agreeing to sign up and they said they wouldnt

they then said it would be on in 20 working days...it was not

they then said 10 working days...it is not

they are charging me my monthly subscription and have taken the reconnection fee (no reconnection).

they say i have to be without broadband for 3 months before i am entitled to cancel

they have now sent me an email saying they have had to deactivate my account PROBABLY due to a wrong bank details (but they have been charging me).

I dont know what this Deactivation means, all i want is to get out of an agreement where i am not recieving the service and where i have been lied to and told to stop calling. I have read the contract several times since problems started and cant make head nor tale of it.

DO YOU THINK I HAVE A LEG TO STAND ON? This is nearly the ninth week without.

  octal 13:33 09 Dec 2005

First thing to do is to keep calm and don't rant at them, as you've found it doesn't do any good.

You need things in writing from them, if they have written to you requesting £25 for the connection charge and that it will take 20 working days to connect you, then this is your contract with them. Forget all the phone calls, there is no evidence of the conversation between you and them.

Its your turn to call the shots, write to them explaining what has happened giving them 15 working days to sort the problem out from the date they receive the letter, point out to them that are in breach of contract and that you are being reasonable on giving them sufficient time to resolve the problem, if it isn't resolved after the 15 working days you have given them, tell them you will be cancelling the contract with them and will be claiming "out of pocket" expenses from them, if necessary through the small claims court.

Send the letter by registered post, this will be your evidence to the court that they have received the letter and you have been reasonable with them.

Remember, no more phone calls, everything in writing from now onwards, good luck.

  Nelsky* 13:35 09 Dec 2005

Thanks for the advice and extremely quick responses, I was told you were a good lot on here!!!!!!!!!!!!

  octal 13:41 09 Dec 2005

I've got to go out now, but one last thing, in your letter be clear and concise, if necessary get someone to help you write the letter for you who is good at doing that sort of thing, because a rambling letter won't help your cause.

  Jak_1 13:45 09 Dec 2005

This is Wanadoo being heavy handed yet again; keep a detailed note of everything and as has been suggested, write to their customer complaints and demand the matter be resolved and give a deadline of 14 days. Special delivery is wise. Send a copy to trading standards and the industry ombudsman. Be polite no matter how aggrieved you feel and do not accuse an individual but indicate that you were told by one member of staff that you had been missinformed, mention no names. Also state in the the letter that if the matter is not resolved by the deadline dat that you will instruct your bank to cease all future payments to Wanadoo. They are clearly not giving you the service that you have been paying for. cont ...

  Nelsky* 13:48 09 Dec 2005

they have never sent me any written confirmations via post or email that I can show to them, the only email I have had from them since i moved is this email saying my account has been deactivated. and of course they never forget the online statements. Technically if they dont put it on within another month i should be able to cancel, but I think now that they have sent me this email saying deactivated due to bank details they will try to say it is my fault they havent reconncted and I stil; wont be able to cancel. I gave up ringing them after the last time because apart from bringing me down to tears (I cry when im wound up). I didnt achieve a thing. So there is no proof they have ever promised me anything.

  Jak_1 13:50 09 Dec 2005

Do not let them fob you off with more excuses. I have found that writing a letter to the Chairman of a company helps speed things up. If you do this then hand write the envelope and mark is 'personal', that way it get's to him/her direct and not his/her secretary and hence file 13.

I had a snotty letter from Wanadoo earlier this year about my BB usage, I am on 512 unlimited. I still go over their recommended usage limit with no problem as that is why I pay a premium.

Wanadoo think they can walk over people, don't let them.

  Nelsky* 14:09 09 Dec 2005

Thanks again all

just one more thing, would you ring them up to find out about this deactivation thing aswell or just write to them. I can stay calm if i do.

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